Bug Report: G920 Steering Angle

Short version - I race with steering angle set to 420°, and have noticed that an in-race collision can change this setting (seemingly to the default) until you restart your race.

Long version -

The Logitech G920 defaults to 540° steering angle in the advanced controller settings. I tried to use this for a few days, but have had trouble catching slides. Tonight I changed to 420° and found it much more natural.

Cut to a career race on Rio Full Reverse, in an Alfa 4C (Sports Icons - Daybreak Series - Track Toys). I bump an AI car and continue… even before I get to the next corner I notice that the steering feels light… a few small weaves to suss it out, figure the Force Feedback has glitched a bit. Turn in to the next corner, miss the apex. Turn in harder… too much, slide, can’t catch it, crash and burn.

I immediately think back to an FM5 bug where the wheel angle resets to 900 degrees (the g920 default in that game) if the wheel is disconnected from the console, if FM5 loses focus (you go to dashboard or a snapped app), or in some cases, just between races.

In this case, I quit the race, checked my controller settings, and find that it’s still set to 420°.

Jump back into the same race, and everything is good.

3 restarts of the race later (I run no assists, sim steering, and sim damage, plus still learning Rio, so I stuff up a lot), and once again I bump an AI car… wow, steering feels light again… a few weaves… yup, definitely not 420° any more. And so here I am reporting it, with no evidence, but as much detail as I can muster.

Telemetry says my car has 0% steering damage. The force feedback is still working.

Edit: Has now occurred 3 more times. Restarting the race is not a fix. Quitting to main menu and re-entering race does not fix. Only consistent fix is to go to the advanced controller settings, and re-accept.

Have now had the issue trigger after finishing a race (in last, steering still good), saving/watching the replay, and then restarting… steering angle setting was wrong immediately upon start of the new race.

Having the same problem, setting for deceleration outside not saving after finishing a race and starting a new one. the brake pedal of the g920 is very stiff so trying to adjust in advance control settings. after I exit lets say free play and start a new one it goes back to default. Only way to fix is go back to advance control settings and start over again. I really hope they look into this and get it fixed.

This is probably going to sound stupid but how did you guys get the G920 already? I thought it didn’t come out until October?

It was released early here in New Zealand and Australia. Got mine Sept 11 last friday. The wheel is great, but the brake pedal is very stiff. You could do adjustments on the advance wheel settings in game, but settings wont save deceleration dead zone when you exit a race and start a new one. It will show the same figures but you could feel the pedal go back to default.

Ah. That seems like a bit of an issue. Hopefully they fix it by the time it releases here in the States. What are your impressions of the wheel so far? It’s been difficult to find a decent review of it online.