Bug - Car won't turn

Has anyone else got the problem in which the car will not turn in slow corners? My controller seems to stop vibrating and at full lock, the car partly turns or straightens out. I thought I had a faulty controller so I got a new one and it didn’t solve the problem (returned it an hour later!). I have also updated the controller and on top of that, I don’t have this issue with any other game at all. Controller is totally fine. It’s a day one controller.



What are your Assists settings?

Do you mean understeer?

Nope. This is a full lock to turn right, controller stops vibrating and goes straight and into the wall. If I take my finger off the accelerator then steering is engaged again.

Change your batteries or charge your battery.

I had this happen at lime rock with a car I know can run the first, second, and third corner nearly flat out with only minimal braking on first two corners.

I never got a notice that my battery was low but I figured that may have been the cause since sometimes when batteries are low the vibration stops.

Sure enough, I put the old battery in its charger and placed a charged battery in my controller and had no further issues.

Normal Steering
Don’t use STB or TCS
Manual/ Clutch

AWD or RWD? AWD has the common problem with understeer through turns and rwd usually doesnt. On rwd you can fix understeer with your caster angle and your camber and toe. Never have pos camber. That may be your problem or you might have too much camber. With the caster, the higher your caster is the faster your wheel will turn.

No, its not any of that at all.

Downshift or loosen up your diff or adjust rear camber. Downshift to a lower gear helps a lot.

This has nothing to do with tuning. Absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

I turn right. Car goes straight.
I turn left, car turns slightly right.

This has nothing to do with tuning. Absolutely nothing to do with any of that

I turn right. Car goes straight.
I turn left, car turns slightly right.


“HELP.” I have encountered a very similar problem. It turns left fine. I’ve done resets upon resets, changed controllers, updated firmware. I CAN REPRODUCE IT. It seems to happen when you’ve got the left stick in the 3o’clock position (turning right). There is no steering input at all (you can try and catch it but it gets worse). Did anyone actually find a fix to this problem? Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers, JB.

Has it always done this? Or is it just something that has started recently? Did you by chance get the calibrations messed up somehow with a steering wheel setup? Before you say no just do yourself a favor a check the things you say to yourself “It can’t be that” because usually (for me anyway) it is always the thing I say “It can’t be that”. It always seems to be that.

If you are using the in car view does the the steering wheel just straighten out?

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Do you have ABS off? If so you might want to turn it on.

ABS was the first thing I thought of - seems like it was for Max and Breyzipp too.

I’m having a similar issue since the 400mb update of a few weeks ago!
Let me say that in my case, the left stick of my controller was genuinely broken so I thought that was the problem. I bought a new one and with or without the new controller firmware, some cars still don’t turn like they did before that FM6 patch!
So it has something to do with the game, not my hardware.

I never changed my assists, which are all OFF and normal steering, and my deadzones have always been 0-100. Even changing them it doesn’t solve the problem.

Maybe update your controller? Mind to remember there have been issues long time ago,maybe you lost the settings somehow?

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I have a friend who frequents GTplanet who suffers with the exact same thing the op is going on about. I have pointed them to this thread. Seems it is a more widespread issue, so it clearly needs some looking into.

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I’ve noticed this happening too. I thought it was just me, but I guess it isn’t. The steering doesn’t go out completely, but I notice it jerking to the right when letting off the throttle/braking for a corner. Seems random more than anything. Using a regular XB1 controller too BTW.

Daft question but have you tried a hard reboot of your xbox?

Fellas, let’s not cast any doubt on the OP’s concerns - no, it’s not the controller or the console or even assists/deadzones.

It’s called the “dead controller bug” and it pops up randomly though not too frequently and it does really put a cap on your driving. I.e. mid turn the vibration stops and the wheels no longer turn no matter what you do. The only way to get the car to turn more is to quickly dab the brakes, hoping the vibration would kick back in, allowing you to turn again. This can happen at really low speeds too… and you clearly do not need to slow down further, just turn the wheels more!

I do not remember any such issue is previous Forza games, this is a first. And it’s a pressing concern, hope to see it resolved with an update. T10 really should consider revising the steering model on the pad, because it acts up clearly when it should be allowing you to steer properly… this speed sensitive thing needs to be scaled back or at least give additional options to the player.

Often, the game lets you turn more around certain corners, even though you’re taking them at the same speed. The unexpected understeer in this game is a real problem, and no for the record, it is not a physics issue, it has to do with how steering modelling works on the pad. Also, it is irrelevant if steering is on sim or normal.

@F4H Chrisupra, post this concern of yours in the F6 Support section - I’m willing to back you up on this. I also remember a fella named “ImaRobot” talking about the exact same issue, so you might PM him/her to get insights.

Devs really need to do something about this - shouldn’t be ignored for too long. Don’t understand why the steering is tied to the braking; you subtly brake mid-corner and the wheel literally will not move anymore, even though you’re at the right speed…and you want the car to TURN to hit the apex! frustrating