Bucket List Achievement question

So, an important question, I am close, VERY VERY VERY close on the Bucket List Achievement can anyone advise or confirm… do you have to get Gold in all the Autocross races to pop this achievement? I hope not, I utterly UTTERLY suck at Autocross, even with Rewind (which I never use for races, but was despreate enough to give it a try) I am just terrible at them.

I am closing in, I am finishing up the Championship races, the far right colum, completed everything else except 3/4th of the Autocross Column, and hope the Achievement pops if I complete all the Championship races, if anyone has info or in a similar situation, please let me know.

I read back though all the FM4 posts to see if anyone else had mentioned… did not see anything (but I got to read a ton of SnowOwl replies to ‘Why did I get banned’ posts… geeze, Snowy has the patients of a Saint!)


Most people get this at about 98.1% completion so you can leave the Autocross until last and then just work on the one or two you may need.
Some discussion on this achievement:

For autocross stay calm and try and be clean and tidy, then try and gain speed in the sections where you feel you can. One of the tricks is to manage your speed (don’t lose too much speed and limit yourself as top speed doesn’t help here). Also - use a smaller, narrower car where possible to give your the extra inch you may need. A good tune balanced tune can make a huge difference too.

Thanks for the link and that advice FunkyD, I kind of hope by completing all the long Championships, I hit that magic number before I need to finish the Autocross, I am at 97% now, so will know shortly. I may switch to a smaller car on the Autocross, that may help.

If you aren’t already, use cockpit or hood view and turn camera motion effects off. That alone should help quite a lot.

Also, plan ahead. Sure, you may be able to make it through one section of cones flat out, but will that put you in a bad place for the next? Slow is fast in these kinds of races.

Thanks Yakov, I hever thought of cockpit view, been using external to see the relationship of my overall car and gates, perhaps that is part of the problem. I’ll give that a try.
Yeah, slow… creates the problem of not finishing in time to get gold, fast is a desaster! I need to find just that right speed. Thanks for the tips!

I hated the autocross events during the season play but now I’m running through all the events to complete the bucket list, I’m really enjoying it. I don’t use the cockpit or hood view, use the external without any problems, clipped a few gates but still manage to finish gold on the first 5 events :slight_smile:

As Yakov and a few others pointed out, slow is fast in these events, just take it nice and steady, manual gears if you can, probably never need to get out of 3rd gear and smooth driving.

TuffPuppers, did you need to complete these for the achievement to pop?