Forza Motorsport 4 Essentials - no Bucket List obtainable

I was trying to do some research on the subject before getting FM4 Essentials, but the results were ambiguous. So now I know.

I am at 97,8% with no more available races to finish. Apart from certain time-period car packs necessary for completing some races I am missing two specific cars - Lamborghini Gallardo (for Gallardo Club event) and Shelby GT500 '07 or’10 (for Shelby Showcase event).

The “funny” thing is I could probably get them while progressing during the first 50 levels, at least they appear on the lists of car prizes, but how could one know when in World Tour mode? So after 148 hours I am done with the game, without the Bucket List achievement obtained. Saying that I am frustrated is not really necessary.

The thing I don’t get either is the green (or blue) icon on some events, suggesting I am in possession of necessary cars, but any attempt to enter them results in visiting the shop with DLC, cars, which are obviously unavailable.

Still can’t understand how such a flawed product could be released.

Sorry to hear your done with this game. Where are you on the leaderboards?.

Re the Lambo Gallardo - that is a disk 2 car. The Gallardo S is a DLC.

The Shelby GT500 '07 is a unicorn car - no hope there. They can not even be gifted by owners or even put up for auction.

Now. The Shelby GT500 '10. It is a disk 1 car. It cost 48k credit to buy. Oh, and it is a Ford. From other posts I gather that to get the Bucket List achievement you actually only need 98% so you are sooo close.

Do you have XBLG (xbox live gold) ? Racing online brings a new deminsion the game and FM4 is still there premier raacing game for XB360 (just my opinion anyway). I don’t have either for the moment (next month I’ll have accumulated enough AMP’s (see other post about “almost meaningless points” ) ) but I will soon. If you do, send a friend request and I’ll gift you the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 (amounst some others as well). BTW it upgrades nicely into the upper 700’s and by no means a lemon in class 749.

Consider joining the virtual car club “Klub 49ers”. even if you don’t have gold, we can race on the leaderboards.

Getting ulimate for $1 has been easy. getting gold beforehand to double the time proving a bit trickyer.

Well, time to say my observation skills are definitely more flawed than FM4 EE…

Many thanks for pointing out the Ford/Shelby cooperation to me! I was indeed able to purchase the missing car under Ford brand. Feel really… although I still find the description for that event a bit misleading.

Anyway, my educated guess was that those 98,1% completion needed for Bucket List achievement comes directly from the maximum events available in FM4 Essentials Edition and in the end it proved to be correct. After finishing the last available race it popped and I can finally put this one to rest for good.

In the end it looks like FM4 EE is finishable after all, my bad…

I have always regarded this forum as a great place for obtaining valuable information from people willing to share their knowledge. Good to be right about that one at least. Thanks again!

Glad to help. Keep gaming. Stay safe and have fun playing computer games - even old ones on the 360.

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