Using TX wheel with t3pa pedals with the brake mod and everytime I brake the wheels lock up no matter how far away I am from the brake pedal being floored. It’s pretty much impossible to put in any good times because I have to brake so early to compensate for the car skidding all the way into the turn. Has anyone found a workaround for this to stop the constant locking of the brakes?

Yeah,you need to turn ffb down slightly and try using 0/100 on all settings.I was in your shoes initially but got things working pretty good.Its understeer and oversteer you are feeling carrying too much speed into corners.There is a balance.I found it.

I found that with the FFB turned way down to FM5 levels (25%) I stopped loosing control but the brakes still locked up on every turn with as little 25% pedal. It’s a shame because now the wheel feels exactly like FM5 and I was getting used to a little bit more feedback since they seem to have fixed the FFB fishtail instability on exit.

Turning brake pressure down from 135 to 80 helped a lot but that changed the progressive feel and I still got lock up with 60% pedal before engaging my mod. I also noticed that it dropped 15/40 ft of the calculated braking distances. It looks like they swapped bias back so slider to the left/front locks up the front tires. Flipping the bias on a few tunes helped a little. Still searching for that balance but it is taking the fun out of FM6. Hopefully it boils down to reprogramming the brain and a new way of setting up the cars. It is very possible that what worked for FM5 is just too much oversteer on entry for FM6. I noticed it in the demo but assumed it would be easier to tune out.


540 DOR, sensitivity 2, vibration 75, ffb 35, sim steering

It’s pretty much the same with the controller as well, only way I’ve found to work around this is to use ABS, with abs off the brakes lock far to easy imho.

Yeah just keep trying with the settings.I am now almost ten seconds better than I was when I had stock settings on wheel.Not sure if you drove project cars too but if you did then yes it feels way different but in reality I think the physics in forza are more realistic.Project cars you seem glued to track which isnt real imo… But either way it just takes some tweaking.Im much better on wheel then controller now and I was initially extremely disappointed with tx in demo.Happy now

I use abs because of this. It’s just no fun sliding thru every sharp turn. Abs will still skid, but much more forgiving.

Following up - part of the problem with the TX wheel may be related to calibration but my problem with the brakes seems to be simply a byproduct of improvements in the physics. Cars just don’t slow down as quickly as they did in FM5 and the brakes just lock sooner. I also confirmed that brake bias has been fixed and that the tune import corrects the number. My FM5 tune had a setting of 48 and in came in at 52. Just don’t do what I did and set it back and then adjust it the wrong way trying to “fix” it.

SOLUTION - Turn down the brake pressure until they lock when you want them too (for me that means 70 ish not 135 ish), learn to be a little more progressive with application, and just stop over-driving.

It took over three months to learn to drive it in hard and overcome my natural tendency of getting too slow entering a corner in FM5. Hopefully it doesn’t take that long to un-learn. It’s not FM5, stop driving like it still is and it is much more enjoyable.


I read in another thread that you need to calibrate the pedals each time you start up the game by pressing each pedal all the way down 3 times. Hope this helps =]


I was having the same problem until the informed users of this forum stepped in to help out. In my experience, you only need to fully depress each pedal once and this has to be done every time you plug the wheel in. Because it’s an internal Thrustmaster calibration and not something related to Forza, it can be done at any time after the wheel is plugged in, even on the Xbox dashboard.

Give this a try before anything else, I assure you this will help massively.

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