Best S Class Time Attack car/tune

I am just wondering what the best car/ tune setup for s class time attack is. I have two builds currently. An alfa 4c and a lotus exige.

Those are 2 great car choices. I would also recommend looking into a couple of the Subaru WRX’s (ex. 2004/2005), or, the Mitsubishi EVO’s (2004/2006). Good luck!

Are you putting together your own build/tune, or looking for those?


As you’re asking for time attack you can’t ignore the KTM and the Alfa 33,but if you dont wanna use the lb cars,go for “Rally-Cars” like PRKid mentioned… Ferrari F50 is also a good choice!

I like the catterham r500, the KTM. Both work well in the S class league.

Caterham (AWD) and Porsche GT2 RS are pretty good in S Class, both perform better than the numbers suggest.

NSX-R is also a dark horse.

Cars that are barely drivable at times or race cars de-tuned to S class from R class.

The leaderboards are your first bet to identify best cars when in doubt. I promise you will hate the fast builds for some of these cars.