Help Advice On Best R Class Car To Buy

Would anyone be kind enough to advise me on the best R Class car to buy.

Or maybe a lower class car and quick upgrade it to an R Class.

Reason is I have to use all the assists on as I cant get used to the game, but I get left way back in the field when racing.

Please help.
And I can buy your tune too if that helps you too.

Thanks guys and girls in advance

What assists do you use? I would take as many off as your comfortable with although leave TCS on. Decent R class cars for online lobbies include:

Ferrari la Ferrari, f40 and Enzo
Pagani Zonda Cinque
Lamborghini Huracan (better for power tracks)
McLaren M8B,
chaparrel (can’t remember the name of the car)
Aston Martin DB9R
Ultima GTR

There are plenty of others but that should be good enough to start you off. Also remember to pick a car that suits the track you’re racing - so for example a car with good good handling but lower top speed will be great round Bernese Alps but useless at somewhere like Monza.

I have plenty of R class tunes so have a look and let me know how you find them.

Thats great thank you kindly.
I often use Raceboy77 tunes there good too.
I will try yours whats the creator name I search for ?
Thanks my friend.

Creator name is TRG wacky gt.

Raceboy’s tunes are always pretty good and usually easy to drive. Howver if you have the time I’d say its worth trying to learn to tune yourself - you’ll find lots of useful tips from some of the top tuners in the tuning section of the forum.

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Sorry double post

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I got into an Endurance Showcase a couple of days ago and I was really impressed with the R class BMW I chose. It was the #55 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE:

It’s not so fast on the straights but excellent handling. Raceboy77 has a tune for it but it performs nicely stock. Only 650K CR.


2008 dodge viper (a class stock) can be a monster if upgraded and tuned properly. for lemans the saleene.

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Here is a list of cars that should be competitive for R class:

Pagani Zonda Cinque
Lamborghini Veneno
Hennessey Venom
Ford GT 2017
Lola #10 T163
McLaren M8B
Chaparral 2E
Ferrari LaFerrari
McLaren P1
BMW #92 M3 GT2
Aston Martin #007 DBR9
Ferrari Enzo
McLaren F1 GT (Longtail one)
Maserati MC12
Nissan #21 R382
McLaren 650s (for speed tracks like Road America, Bathurst etc.)
Lamborghini Huracan (for speed tracks)
Ferrari F40
Ultima GTR
Saleen S7
Ariel Atom (maybe it can be competitive in some cases)
Dodge Viper '08 (maybe)
Koenigsegg Agera
Ferrari #62 458 Italia GTLM 2014 (even though it only reaches 891, it can be competitive on some tracks like Lime Rock)
BMW Z4 GTLM (VPR LeeCampbell has a tune for the black one which can be competitive on some tracks)
Dodge Viper #93 GTS-R (it can be competitive on some tracks even though it doesn’t reach 900)

Raceboy77’s tunes are OK but I would recommend VPR LeeCampbell’s tunes as I find his tunes to be quicker than raceboy’s tunes but don’t take my word for it, maybe you have a different driving style but I do recommend that you try out Lee’s tunes since he has tuned and shared the majority of the cars listed above. Hopefully this info helps! :slight_smile:

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The zonda c is a great all round r class car. If you’re wanting to do well in rivals though you need to look at the 70s f1 cars which are surprisingly easy to drive, only places you don’t want them are the ultra quick tracks. Just my general approach but hope it helps.

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Thanks Elite :slight_smile:

You only really need a hand full of cars these r the 1s I use

#21 nissan r382 with raceboy77 tune
#4 mclaren m8b with nmr solid ghost tune
Ultima gtr 720 with vpr Lee Campbell tune
Radical sr8 rx with subi go pow tune
Pagani zonda and the noble for oval tracks find tune on leaderboard
lamborghini veneno is really good in the wet again see leaderboard for a tune

I don’t just use the above tunes u need to find which 1s u want to use by testing and looking through the leaderboards.

I agree with ELITE UCCIO, I shared a tune for the 1976 Ferrari #1 312 T2 GP car I like. Easy to drive for an R car. Expensive if you have to buy one though.

The #1 312 t2 is no good for lobby racing unless u glitch it into the lobby. I really think putting the classic f1 cars in forza 6 was a waist of time they serve no purpose but as a leaderboard car