Best A Class Car

Ive been using a Audi A5 which has got me a few wins but i wanted to know if people have cars that could be better as i would like a choice of A Class cars to use

See leaderboards

Or my chevy Monte Carlo

Either or. You can’t go wrong.

Or take anything that’s starts in C class, awd swap it, put a bigger motor (v12 or v8) and max power with adjustable tuning parts.

And thus I stay away from online. I’m so glad they added this co-op campaign feature.

Really depends how quick you want to be.

It is more to do with whether you spend pi on tyres or not.

Original motor can do well in A class if you use stock tyres.

Engine swaps will be quicker provided you can get the thing to turn well.

If in A I usually go with RWD, the Mustang HE is my go to A car with traction control on.

AWD and Power is all you really need to win, I got an A Class Rolls and Jag MK2, both handling about 6.6 and acceleration about 9.2 which win online often

This is pretty much true. For an A class lobby, I like my handling rating to be between 6.4 and 6.7. As long as a car can get in this range and still have PI left over to have a lot of horsepower, it can be made to beat 95% of what you see online.

Yes, there are certain cars that you can get a little more out of. Like RPM Swerve said, see the leaderboards. But off the top of my head, WRXs, Evos, Lancias … basically the rally cars can be made to be extra effective in A class.

And also the trucks. On a lot of leaderboards, even some that are not offroad, the front page may be a page full of trucks.