Beetle FE Brake tuning help

I’m trying to get the braking dialed in on the Beetle FE, but no matter what I do, the car seems to slide out from under itself (if that makes any sense), particularly in the rear. I have the car feeling rather good handling wise as far as on-throttle turns/curves/lift and coast turns. However, I’ve noticed that under braking, the car seems to want to upset the rear, causing it to come around more when I release the brakes, or the rear comes around depending on how hard I stab the brake, no matter the balance or braking force.

I run with anti-lock assist on, and standard steering.

Any help/guidance for this car is much appreciated. I’m more than willing to share my tune with those willing to help me get it dialed in if you PM me. If I am happy with the results I’ll share the tune for all to have/use in-game.

Hitting the brakes transfers weight from the rear tires to the front tires. I generally set brake balance to 2% more forward than the car’s weight distribution. I tend to brake gently, but if you like to hit the end of a straight at high speed and slam on the brakes before the turn give it more forward balance.

Oops, I should mention that this is my tarmac balance. Offroad might want more forward balance than this because of the higher stance of the car on full-travel springs.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m trying your suggestion, and for the most part concerning tarmac, it feels great. I’m still messing with the Beetle FE, and I’ve also tried it on my tune for the TVR Speed 12. I will have to try it and adjust as needed for my offroad tunes.

Thanks again!