Beating the unbeatables

Made up a 1965 Mini setup to beat the unbeatables. Primarely ment for narrow circuits like in streetracing
but if you can grab the lead early might even win at the moore open cicuits too.

1965 Mini D-class code: 309 000 383

Edit; ups, that was my old setup, new wide & moore grippy is: 660 274 445

What a lot of people are doing for the unbeatable accolades is just back an event lab of unbeatable with 0 drivers with any cars for a single lap. find the shortest course for anything and either drive it yourself or afk it. This new setting is the menu is making it too easy for people to cheese a lot of things.


Wow, good tip!

You7 won`t need to cheat to win with this setup :wink:

Neither do people who actually tune their cars and know how to race either haha. I was just stating what a lot of people are doing. I am sure that car would be awesome to see in an online race. I can’t check anything out because I work 12 hour shifts and still have 4 hours until I can leave work and it will be about an hour drive.

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WOW again. Just met a new (?) level from the drivatars. Entered a streetrace up north-west, in unbeatable as allways.
Been beating them quite “easy” until now, but I had no chanse in this heat. A Chevy Monte Carlo started in pole, and it was so much
faster than anything. So I “restarted”, quitted, restarted again until there was no Monte carlo in pole.

Drivatars can enter races in a no-handling rocket of a car and still get away with it bcs they`re on rails. Those are really “unbeatables”

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One moore unbeatable beater. Buy a Renalt Megane R26.R and give it this setup: 844 077 958

The Renault is now close to beeing a rallycross car with its ca 500hp on 1150kg/2500lbs. 4WDed & winged,
ready to race.


Refined 65 Mini, less underseer, better balance: 851 297 335

Refined Renault Megane R26.R, ca the same: 142 207 455

1965 Pontiac GTO class B-racer: 171 342 383

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Been using the Renault to clear out my rivals accolades and had to find this post again just to give you props on the build. Fantastic car. Preciate you sharing!

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Thanks a lot!

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Why would you fit drag tires on the Renault in order to make it rallycross?

Tryed the setup? It speaks for itself.

Dragtires gives a rather low PI but gives decent handling* & extreme grip under accelration.
The car rockets out from the startline and handles good enough to stay in front. A quick start is a must
against the unbeatables.
Good on narrow circuits, not so much on high-speed roadraces

*for better handling, fill them up

Thanks for sharing! Been having lot of fun with the mini.

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For my driving style the under steer in the Renault will take some getting used to. First race had hard time keeping it on road. Most of my setups are late hard braking types. Not the easing into the curves so much. Fun to drive though!

Understeer? In my hands it acts wery balanced. Noticed the soft suspension? As soon as you lift up the throttle you will have the weight on the front-wheels.
Try to get used to it and save it for the next race

For those who wants to learn tuning, try out some of my H4 setups. Learn how to “read” the cars handling
& adjust to fit your driving. Not too stiff, stiff suspension gives understerr & jumping wheels with reduced grip.

Decided to get the 24p-car just before the new season so I had to come up with something fast & furious in S1-class.
Grabbed a -95 Porsche GT2 and after some test-driving it ended up beeing quite capable, at least against those “skilled” drivatars.
They did not even see what hit them 8)

Tamed “rallycross” GT2 Porsche Mk2 Code: 134 382 863

Little later:

Wild version, not tamed yet. Less grip - more power, code 119 310 956