BDR SCHIWO's Open Source Tune #1: Lancia 037 A-Class Prague Reverse Monthly Rivals

Lancia 037 A-Class

hello community, today i will share my first Open Source Tune on FM5.

Car: Lancia 037
Class: A
Track: Prague Reverse


Engine: 3.7L V6 -VVT

Aero: Front and Rear Forza Aero

Tires: Race Tires

Tire width: Front and Rear Maximum

Rims: Sport Rims → Tarmac Evo

Transmission: Street

Driveshaft: Street

Differencial: Race

Brakes: Race

ARB’s: Front and Rear Race ARB’s

Roll Cage: Race

Weight Reduction: Race

Air Filter: Race

Fuel System: Race

Ignition: Race

Exhaust: Race

Camshaft: Street

Valves: Race

Pistons: Race


Tire Pressure:

Front: 30
Rear: 30

Gearing: Stock


Front: -3,3
Rear: -3,0


Front: 0,0
Rear: 0,0

Caster: 7,0


Front: 29,02
Rear: 24,06


Front: 275,3
Rear: 350,2

Drive Height:

Front: Maximum
Rear: Maximum


Front: 6,0
Rear: 5,8

Compression Stage:

Front: 1,0
Rear: 1,0


Front: 133 Max
Rear: 277 Max




Front: 90%
Rear: 15%

Time: Prague Full Reverse: 1:51,661
Monthly Rivals Leaderboard: #5
Overall Leaderboard: #32

Hope you enjoy it and let me know how it will work for you! :slight_smile:

okay this is my first and last open source tune, because no one is interesting and i think the popular on this game is also decreased.

it’s not worth it fo me, to share some open source tunes anymore, sorry but you have to spend a lot of time to share some things like this, especially when you are an austrian guy who can’t speak good english. :smiley:

buuut i will not stop sharing tunes on storefront.


BDR Schiwo – just saw your post…thanks for sharing this build/tune, and, please do not be discouraged. I really enjoy Prague Reverse track and I am certainly going to check tho Lancia out.

Sometimes these post are missed as others get added (which got to top of threads), thus, please give it some time. Thanks!


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looks good dude, ill definitely try it out!

One more idea Schiwo…you can have Eagle review it on his Twitch Channel, which will provide some visibility…

Please check this thread…

nice to hear! :slight_smile:

great let me know how it will work for you guys and have fun with it! ! :slight_smile:

it will work on differents tracks for sure, but i just ran it on Prague, so maybe it’s also nice on other tracks too.

by the way it is also on sharefront! the new one it’s called Prague rev.

Just built it and will take out for a ride in a little while. Quick question on your build…why did you pick the Cam versus getting the Race Disp (with a couple of minor changes)? I know it improved your Redline which will work for long straights, yet, maybe not as much for curvy tracks (though need to test out). After running your, I’ll check another build as well jic!

BTW, what paint job did you use? Looks pretty nice. For some reason, it’s hard to get paints in through the car purchase process – most of the time, I do not know how Forza recommends. Thanks!

do you mean the cam - camshaft, race disp - race displacement?
if you mean that, yes it improved it, i find it better, usually i tune like this and i think it works well, i make also 2 or 3 or 4 different buildings and then i run all tunes 2 laps without tuning and then i pick the best and tune it.

the paint creator: Three 00 C

and thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, the Street Camshaft versus the Race Displacement. What were your results (differences)? [As a newbie, trying to learn from other’s experiences.] I am also going through a lengthy process with the builds since what I’ve learned so far is that the build is #1 priority and gets you 80%+ there, then the tune. Oh, let me not forget, my bad driving skills, lol. I’ll check out the paint. Thanks!

a few thents slower and the stats are better from 0 to 100 mph and it has also more power.

you will getting better and better from race to race for sure! :slight_smile:

Just took it for the spin…and spin it did! (Actually, just realized you ran it with TCS ON) I am not a great driver yet did enjoy the car. My biggest challenge was controlling it at the turns, thus, not sure if it’s a turn-in issue or oversteer for my driving style. I am sure Eagle can control it w/o TCS. I’ll try w/TCS jic and see if I can do better. As a new driver I still need better throttle control, so, please take the inputs with such under consideration. Again, thank for sharing the build/tune.


yes i was running it with TCS on but tuned it with TCS off. you should run it with TCS on, its better for constant lap times.

no problem.

BTW, really nice job on your #32…going to use it as the ghost to chase now.

Hi Schiwo, I tried your tune and I must say it is good. I didn’t try your build though, mainly because I don’t know why you wouldn’t use the 1.6 turbo. I slapped your tune on a modified Indy build and I managed a 1:50.6 at Prague. I might have to retry Indy in your tune. :slight_smile:

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hello LoU, wow well done on your lap!

hm that’s right 1.6l will be better on that stage… nice to hear and thanks for your feedback and glad to hear that my tune works good. :slight_smile:

Hi im going to try it now. ill let you know how it went :slight_smile:

ok so i just tried it without all assists and did a in my second round. i like the braking its nice a smooth. The Car tends to drift allot even for me and i rarly drive with assists.

With TCS on : my second Lap was a .

Braking : very good
Grip : very good
Acel: good.

i was 26th with my original tune and i feel i could get this tune into the mid but damn how on earth is a even possible tpr Lou? i drive clean and fast. I reckon its all upto the second and third corner as how you clip the corner and keep your speed:-)

im gonna try the X-box now seeing it crushes the Lancias time at prague

Nice tune BDR keep them coming, im allways thankfull as im not a very good tuner and i can tweek your tune to as i wish.


Hello thanks for your feedback glad you like it and great lap! TPR LoU ran with his own building 1.6l engine and tuned it with my settings, it will go faster with that engine, yeah his time is really good btw he is one of the fastest. I made also a 1.6l engine build it’s not too bad in test driving i had a 1:51.2…