Basic tuning setup for those new to racing :)

Here’s a tune i made and it actually gives some cars fast lap times, Good overall tune and can work on most classes and cars!

Tires 28.0 - 28.0
Camber -0.9 - -0.7
Toe 0.2 - 0.3
Angle 5.7
Anti Roll Bars 15.22 – 8.71
Springs 659.3 – 646.8
Rebound 11.4 – 9.2
Bump 2.6 – 1.9
Balance 47% — 108%

Hope this gives you a helping hand at racing on the game :slight_smile:


Are those ranges?

Most likely front & back

Yes for front and back! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve been using this on most cars and it works great. Gives it that extra handling for cars that are a bit slippery, those RWD cars I suck at lol.

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A little heads up the 2 way default diff settings vary from car to car on AWDs, some are like 50-0 front, 75-75 rear and others are like 21-0 front 48-0 rear. I personally like to set acceration to 100 front and rear to get the most traction, but the deceleration I adjust based on the balance of the car.

Hey Panda

Your tune is working great. I use it as a base for almost everything.

I tend to go heavier on Camber, also try to squeeze a race tranny in the build if it can fit.

Just wanted you to know it works and thanks


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I usually leaves it for default on fwd and awd for the diff as i think it’s fine! :slight_smile:

idk how im not finding it, its probably sitting right in front of me but how do I tune exactly in horizon 2.

Go into the garage choose custom parts or whatever it says custom something then press the x to tune the car.

Tune works great! Good base to start from

Thanks dude, Nice to see it’s working for you!

Granted most of us are here because we understand tuning is important, I can vouch personally that some of us try things because they work, but don’t fully understand why they work. Would you mind doing a quick rundown on how you put together these values and why they work?

Actually, setting acceleration to 100 by itself does not guarantee bet traction. A zero would give far better traction than 100 if you are isolating the differential.

There are several threads, both dedicated and pop ups, in the FM5 forum that go in depth. For here, which aspect of tuning would you like more information about? I’d be glad to touch on those topics for you.

Hi Panda thanks for the general set-up! Is there any way you could do a basic set-up for off-road and drag race cars?

Also is your basic setup good with class D cars as well as the S2? Thanks and I would greatly appreciate it for those other too u just don’t know what I’m doing :confused:

Loving this game!

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Thank you for posting these. They make a world of difference. One question. The spring softness. Most of my ranges don’t reach 646.3 should I be going stiffer or softer in respects to the ranges my particular car can reach? Also are some of those negative numbers? It is hard to tell from the dashes separating things.

my car is bmw z4 (class A)

i don’t know how to tuning ? Please help me !

What values ​​should be in tuning (gearing - alignment - anti roll bars - springs - damping - aero - brake - dıffrentıal)

Thank you friends

What is its total weight and weight bias? (You can find these in the upgrade shop by tapping up or down on the d-pad after selecting and upgrade)

Also, what tire widths are installed?