Balancing and Reorganizing the GT Class

I am going to give my recommendations for the baseline Forza GT class. Which cars fit and do not. There is a problem with cars that should fit, but so not have enough handling.

Remove Super V8 cars, make them their own spec series.
Remove Trans Am cars, make them their own series.

These cars would make excelent cars for their own series and do not need to be in the Forza GT class.

Create a Forza GT4 class for the KTM GT4 and Ginetta, add more GT4 cars, like the Porsche Caymen from Forza 7.

I am doubting the Porsche 935 will truly fit in the Forza class. A Forza GT2 or Super GT class would be a good place for it. Include cars ike the Ferrari Challenge and the 15 Lamborghini #63 Super Trofeo. It would also make sense to move the KTM GT2 into this class. This would be a good class to reintroduce the Nissan GTR Super GT car. Keep these cars lower on handling, but higher acceleration and top speeds. Selected cars from me are based on their acceleration being OP.

For the base Forza GT class, add more options for restrictor, tire widths, and a custom ballast (5kp/12# increments) that does not change the weight balance of the cars. This way, we can replicate in single player and private multiplayer the exact same builds used in actual multiplayer. Or at least provide spec series as an option to slect in singe player/private multiplayer so we can test the cars.

I am going to share my actual homologation I use for an open invite race on Fridays in the P1R team/club/leagues. I want to show what actual balance looks like. There are only 10 cars in this homologation, but there are a few others I can get close. I’m extremely limited by the builds and power handicap options. Some cars simply don’t have enough handling to truly fit (Porsche GT3, Caddillac, Lexus) even if you adjust the top end/acceleration to match other cars. The cars need more tire options. The current versions are simply too fast. It’s poosible those cars would fit practically in the previously mentioned GT2 class, but they din’t fit thematically. The Porsche GT3 should be on par handling wise with the Mercedes GT GT3, Audi R8 LMS, Acura GT3. The Ferrari GTE needs a rework so it matches the BMW M8, Ford GT, and 17 Porsche 911 RSR in performance, cars it raced with in real life.

I could see separating the GTE cars from GT3, but you would seriously need to nerf the handling multiple GT3 cars to be on par with Caddilac, Lexus, Porsche GT3, and the GTE cars would all need to be balanced around the 17 Porsche, Ford GT, and BMW M8.

An expanded list of balance with 5 more cars

. The Corvette C7R is a bit fast in straightline for this group. Pace is ok comparatively by track, but more power options would make it closer. MP Viper had too much grip, and even at 829 is probably the best handling car of the group. BMW M6, Aston Martin, and Bentley are down on top end, but make up a bit on handling/acceleration. The 15 Porsche RSR is nearly a broken car and needs an entire rework under the hood, the Caddlic ATS-V.R., Lexus GT3, and Porsche GT3 simply cannot be made to fit in this homologation because of lack of handling to match the other cars.