Bad connection in multiplayer

Hi all.
Is it just me or does everyone have the same trouble trying to race online? I’ve just started to play online with Forza 6 as I’m after the Achievements for the online side of the game. But over the last month I have struggled to get into a lobby and stay in it. After one to two glitchy races I keep getting disconnected from the lobby mid race. It seems ok if I start a private lobby and invite friends, but for the “League” side of the game I’m really struggling to stay in a lobby. Once I get kicked from the lobby I find I cannot reconnect to any lobby and it keeps coming up “Fail to connect”.
And then there is the people who turn the game into a “Donkey Derby”, deliberately ramming everyone. It’s really irritating and so frustrating there is no way of ejecting them from the lobby. I have reported a few who have been constantly ramming in lobbies, in the hope I don’t end up racing them again.
Anyway “Rant” over.

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Save Thru the Pack for last, it’s devilishly difficult to attempt.

Leagues were a bit hit and miss even for people with stable connections up until last week’s update. Ever since then they’ve been a lot more reliable.

That could be down to connection issues on your end. I know a lot of people are having connection issues but personally mine were sorted when I bought a new router in October.

Agreed, those kinds of players are incredibly frustrating to play against and the current kicking system is rather ineffective at solving the problem.

That’s all you can do really, hope you have cleaner races in future.