Back end wants to step out when braking

When driving some cars, even if I lightly tap the brake, the back end wants to spin out. The wheel on my CSL DD turns left or right as you’d expect with the back end stepping out. It’s certainly not all cars but I was just using the 2019 Hyundai Veloster N Forza Edition and even a quick tap of the brakes at about 10% pressure, the back end is stepping out. It’s like I’m suddenly on ice and it’s horrible. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Pas moi en tout cas mais aussi si tu prend des dégâts au niveau des freins et suspension oui ta voiture part à droite ou à gauche mais normal

Only off-camber corners or any?

Is the car stock or heavily modified? If modified, we can’t help you unless you list exactly what suspension upgrades you’ve done and all suspension settings… also, what are your controller settings.

Lastly, it can also be driving technique. For many of us, trail braking (the thing you’re describing) is a desirable outcome as it allows for rotation heading into the apex of a corner. Some say that it is not possible to go fast without learning this technique. Do you understand how to modulate the brake pedal in order to release the tension in the front and and allow the rear of the car to return in line with front wheels?

Nope it’s any corner. Raced at Laguna Seca and Lime Rock and it does the same thing at every corner. Like I said even a light tap of the brakes going through a kink instead of a full corner, causes this to happen.

It happened with the car completely stock and with a few upgrades applied that I’d unlocked like flywheel, brakes etc. nothing to do with the suspension.

Yes I understand trail braking, weight transfer under braking etc. I’ve never had this issues before in previous FM’s nor things like F1 20XX or Assetto Corsa unless you just slam the brakes on 100%, then you’d usually get the rear end stepping out and wanting to overtake the front end of the car.

Still playing around with the wheel settings tbh but as this only seems to happen for certain cars and not others, I’m not sure this would be the issue.

Wheel settings Fanatec CSL DD on XSX:
SEN Auto
FFB 100
NDP 10
FEI 100
BRF 40
In game settings:

Move brake bias slider to front. It helps a bit.

Yes, slight increase in front/rear brake bias should help. 1%, maybe 2% at a time.

Also, I’d like to ask you to decrease rear tire pressure just a bit… alternatively, you can try increasing front tire pressure… do this in 0.5 psi increments. The goal is to get slightly more traction on the rear tires and given you don’t have a “race suspension” to adjust load geometry and you made no mention of sway bars, then tire pressure is a good place to start. If you adjust too much, you will get understeer - that’s too much.

Remember to change only one variable at a time, as you test.

Final thought, and it’s secondary to above… try increasing the pneumatic trail scale to 90-100 and see if that helps to you get more wheel feel for and better manage the trail braking.

I experienced this quite a lot with the Golf R. I don’t think it’s a bug. I think it happens because you brake while the car is steering slightly left or right. Keep in kind that with racing games you often brake as hard as you can so it’s possible that this throws the car out of balance. I haven’t noticed it with other cars. Should test it a bit more to make sure.

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I have the same issue. it is really to much oversteering under braking.for testing i set my brakepedal to 30% when fully pressed and just a slight touch make the car oversteer. in my opinion that is way to much on stock cars. when upgraded its getting better but still to much compared to the other racing games i play.

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I experience this sometimes as well but it is really car-dependant (and track dependant to some extent, not as bad on flat, level surfaces). It was very intense with the stock Focus RS '09 and it also happens to have an extremely unbalanced weight distribution. I was wrestling with the steering wheel all the time. Braces/roll cage to rigidify the car, ballasts for weight distribution etc. will help solve the issue. Until then, you need to be gentler on the brakes!

Okay thanks for the advice. Trust me though I am being gentle on the brakes haha. In fact I’ve found that if I slam them on a bit harder, it seems to make the car brake in a straight line instead of wanting to oversteer which makes no sense at all

The golf r did it a lot as well. Seems like the FF cars have the tendency a lot in this FM23. It’s a struggle until you get the rear sway bar at least. I just added that and adjusted it down a bit and was much improved. Also read that ballast works for this too.

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Reduce your mechanical trail scaling setting - you’re losing suspension geometry fidelity so aren’t feeling the weight transfer effect properly.

also the brake balance it oppsite to the horizon series.

Was the same in FM7, with lots and lots of cars had massive lift off oversteer ( oversteer when lifting off the throttle ) was never fixed sadly, on some cars, a racing diff whit increased deceleration setting will help, i usually run the rear diff deccel on 60-70 on oversteery cars, also racing brakes ( when they get unlocked ) can help if you put the setting on like 60-70 % to the front.
I remember all Viper had this problem in FM7, making them almost useless sadly, along with many other cars, since in FM7, you either had big understeer or big lift off oversteer sadly, havent played the new FM game yet, so i cant say for sure, but it seems like the same problem as in FM7, have seen yt videos of cars sliding alot under braking, so it may be a retained disliked feature from FM7