AWD not as awesome as i thought

Ive been playing FH2 for a while and noticed AWD aren’t as awesome as I thought.

Supra AWD bad off road and doesn’t corner well
Supra RWD bad off road but corners well
Impreza AWD laggy gears off road

I thought AWD was suppose to be better off road and great at corners what happened?

Id like some opinions

AWD rocks in this game so you may not be doing the best builds or tunes.

There are drivers setting quick times in RWD but in general, for most drivers AWD rules this game.

Various people have different approaches to offroad. Some use very soft springs and very high ride height. You then need to use aero, ARBs and rebound/bump to ensure the car will turn.

I actually do not go to those extremes with springs and ride height.

I would suggest you download a tune for the Subaru WRX 05 in both B and A class by BIG W0RM 80 (the 0 in worm is a zero). I like his A class tune better.

Its is best on the tarmac at Nice but it is also pretty handy offroad too.

You could also try some of my tunes, a good one would be my Toyota GT86 in A class.


AWD only helps you put power down to the ground and not lose it to wheelspin / loss of traction. Poor suspension choices (as Eduardo is articulating above) / tunes can counter any AWD gain you may get completely.

AWD does not help handling / cornering in the slightest. Once again, it only helps you utilise your power effectively and not waste it.

Let’s put it this way - if you can put 100% of your power towards forward momentum with only two wheels, being able to do the same with all wheels yields no advantage whatsoever.

Turning a Supra into an AWD will change its weight distribution and also add to overall weight. Unless you make other modifications to compensate for this change, it is very likely you will end up with something that handles worse but is better able to put its power to the ground.

Make sense?


Plus AWD cars tend to understeer which slows you down.

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Only if they are not tuned properly.

For anyone who has not tried it grab Worm’s WRX in A class I mention earlier in the thread. Then say AWDs understeer :wink:


My (real life) Evo 8 never understeered but it had a custom alignment/setup applied to both axles to make it more suitable for fast road and average track-use. My current Evo X will not be used on track so it feels more understeered although some can be adjusted using the differential and its weather-settings to adjust power-delivery. My M5 (now in heaven) was heavily oversteering even with semi-slicks and dry road; the car was delivered like that from the factory and there is not really that much you can do about it other than replacing diff or investing heavily in custom suspension.

Alas, Forza-series doesn’t seem to play well with all these factory-options on several cars; the whole understeer/oversteer-discussion comes purely from swapping out “basic” parts and not applying/testing a correct setup for the driving-style a player has.

You can’t just drop AWD on a car that previously didn’t have it and expect it to perform well without serious tuning. That applies to any drivetrain conversion. I took a Speed3, converted it to RWD and it drove like absolute garbage. Only through proper suspension tuning did it become a blast to drive.

“AWD is great at helping a vehicle accelerate, but even the most advanced systems do little to help a driver avoid road hazards or grip the pavement in corners. How a vehicle responds in emergency or racetrack-type maneuvers is determined mainly by the tires, suspension, vehicle weight and weight location. The bottom line: AWD can help a vehicle climb a snowy hill or accelerate out of a turn, but it can’t help it corner or make a turn any quicker.”

Almost all racing series run RWD cars, including the very fastest in terms of fastest top speed as well as fastest lap times around road courses. High-performance road cars are also typically RWD. Auto makers could just as well make them all AWD, but they usually still go with RWD.

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Regulations prevent them from running AWD. It isn’t by choice, most series banned AWD due to performance or handicap them with weight penalties.

JGTC - Banned AWD
V8 Supercars - R32 got 29/29 poles. Banned AWD
Indy banned it forever ago along with turbine motors
Super Touring - banned on performance
Trans-Am - banned on performance or nullified though weight penalties added on
Audi’s at LeMans dominate with the e-tron quattro.
AWD dominates time attacks as well for the fastest laps around a road course reference.

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Remember we are playing a video game here.

There are some creative settings being used in Forza tunes that are unlikely to work in real life but they allow us to change the handling on the cars.

In game I believe it can be proven that an AWD car take certain turns quicker than RWD , (other things being equal). In short you can get on the gas quicker to exit a turn provided you have the turning ability tuned into the car.

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There are definitely tunes and set ups that would not work in the real world that we get away with in the game.

I like AWD cars in the game,

In real life my Mini Cooper S, FWD, loves to understeer, especially in the wet!
…TC light is always flashing


Those things are normally quite lift off oversteer happy?

You probably need TC if you don’t have a locking diff but maybe turning off Stability Control could help?


Though I should probably say try on a race track first hahah.

IRL I have a Megane RS 250 Cup, it fights understeer like a true champ but you can get it to plough if you provoke it. Mostly if I keep Stability Control on the thing prevents me from doing big lift off tail out fun times but it has caught some nose wide lazy moments from me too.

I spent a 2 months straight driving it with all the electronics off every day (except ABS which can’t be disabled) - just like in Forza games, if you have a good chassis behind the electronics, the driver aids will only impede you if you know what you are doing.

So coming back to the OP - do you also run with driving assists on?

I would imagine that would further hamper the driveability of a Supra converted to AWD?

This tune is a beast and regularly whips lobbies. It may not be the fastest, but it doesn’t need to be - it maintains a pretty fast average speed through almost every corner in the game.

Impreza AWD laggy gears off road? O.K. What exactly does AWD have to do with a cars gearing? The transmission and drive type aren’t related to each other in this sense. I could take a RWD car that also has a bad transmission. I could also find a car with a great transmission but doesn’t corner well and bad off road. If you’re in Automatic, this ma be why. Manual with clutch is definitely the way to go if you want good shift times and to save PI on upgrades. Then, when cas tend to engage slower you can still work around it a bit.

AWD cars are great for off and on road in this game but you do have to tune them properly ESPECIALLY if they weren’t meant to be AWD to begin with. as almost every tuning thread tells you, garbage in, garbage out. If you take a car that’s built to be RWD and you throw on AWD and do nothing else, it won’t do well. The same is true of a AWD car where you simply throw on RWD and move along. When making such drastic changes, give your builds a little bit of though and consider some tuning.

Lastly, some cars will simply always be better than others. that’s just how it is? As for the Impreza, which one is that? I find most of the Subaru’s in this game to be pretty darn amazing and top of the leaderboard material cars. I’ve personally driven at least 4 of the Imprezas to a top 25 or better and each one of those has filled many spots in those top 25 so we must not be using the car you’re clearly thinking of.

maintain speed - that is the artform to being quick

Once you get Worms WRX up to speed it is so easy to keep it there

Like others have said awd can be supreme in this game and it should be in an open world. With that said no car will turn correctly with the wrong build or tune. Normally when a car doesn’t turn it’s not the cars fault but the driver/tuner. If it’s not doing what u need it to do save that build and then reset it and start over. 90% of the cars ability will be found in the build. Don’t necessarily just stare at the stats to build. Some of the best cars I have ever made have had average stats but the build is what the car wanted. Most of my cars have the exact tune on them or very close to it but the builds could be extremely different. Take ur time building ur car and the speed will come