Hey guys just wanted to see what most people prefer there drivetrains to be i usually keep mine stock is there a better of the three?

Depends on a number of things but my personal preference has always been RWD as the builds you can make with it tend to be slightly faster round a track but then I don’t tend to race much in the lower classes so don’t get to try FWD.

Weather can also be a deciding factor - the most obvious example would be in the rain - tracks like Spa for example will have a RWD car at the top of the leaderboards in the dry and an AWD car top in the wet.

At the end of the day try all 3 and go with what you’re most comfortable with.

I prefer RWD for longer tracks, AWD for medium sized tracks, and FWD for the smaller tracks.

FWD is the pretty stable (because steering and acceleration are on the same set of wheels), but FWD is typically a little slower, because the weight of the car will shift towards the rear (away from the drive wheels) during acceleration. Most low performance cars (sedans, minivans, coupes) use FWD because it is fairly stable and heavy acceleration is not a priority for road cars.

AWD is the most stable (since all 4 wheels are connected to the engine) but still sacrifices some speed and typically is a bit heavier and eats up a lot of PI if you’re trying to keep it within a certain class. Obviously any off-road vehicle has this, as well as supercars, where stability is much more of an issue than speed.

RWD is usually the fastest (as I mentioned before, acceleration pushes the weight to the rear, so the drive wheels will have extra grip during acceleration), but is the least stable as the front wheels are not connected to the engine. This is a very common drivetrain in sports cars because of the speed factor.

It’s all about what you need the car to do.

RWD. I’m not a big fan of AWD, it seems to make driving less fun, so I try to avoid that. And FWD feels unrealistic to me, the cars should understeer far more than they do. Plus few cars, if any, in my classes are FWD (A, S, R and maybe P).

Almost always RWD. But I do love to drive the AWD GTR on occasion. I don’t think I’ve drivin a FWD car in Forza since FM2 until racing the new touring cars recently. They were a fun change of pace. They (or at least the Honda I drove) have great corner grip, but are hard to accelerate out of a corner with massive understeer if you get on the gas too hard or too early.

But I always prefer RWD in forza.

I usually use a different drivetrain based on weather. The first race in Volume 4 (stormfront, rainfall or something like that) I used the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA prototype because it’s AWD and so much more controllable in the turns compared to the other cars. It also has very little low end torque so you don’t get any wheelspin on the start or corner exits. The 300ZX IMSA is so OP I can’t image driving that in the rain. AWD launches so hard and is so stable it’s a very good platform for difficult tracks as it gives you some room for error. FWD does to and I love to drive FWD but I have to spend a ton of time tuning to get the perfect amount of oversteer and understeer.

Otherwise I use RWD. On tighter turns it’s much more fun to kick the rear and get some heat in the tires and not have to worry about understeer.

I always go for rwd for racing and awd for drifting. … can’t say much about fwd I’ve only used it once for the rain storm racing series.

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RWD or AWD with diff settings to make it more rear biased.

AWD with a race diff and something like 75/80 percent rear bias is usually rather good especially in the wet

Was a RWD purist for almost 20 years. Hated FWD and would only like a rear biased AWD system.

I had respect for some FWDs like the Peugeot 205 GTi, but it was only around the time of the Megane R26 and the 5 cylinder Focus RS that I really started to pay attention to them.

After taking a Megane RS250 for a test drive, I was hooked. I ended up buying one.

For the real world, a well setup FWD is a heap of fun.

In Forza, they can give similar grip advantages to AWD without the additional weight. They’re superb on loose surfaces in Horizon 2 for instance and they can be awesome fun in the wet. The paradigm is different but ultimately it’s about exploiting the handling tendencies of the car you’re driving.

These days I love all the drive types and engine placement combinations as they allow different driving styles that can really change things up and give you a great deal of variety if something starts getting stale.

if your looking for a curcit racing advantage PI wise, just stick with what the car comes with.