Autumn Forzathon, cars, and events through October 11

I’m trying to do the new weeklys and have gone over 175mph in the car requested. But doesn’t complete? What do I do?


I did it during a forzathon live event try that n have you upgrade it?

Current Season: Autumn

Next change: Thursday, October 11 at 7:30am Pacific


CAR PASS DLC ADDITIONS (released on October 5)

  • 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit-R Type A
  • 2018 Nissan Sentra NISMO
  • 300 FP Car: 1984 Peugeot 205 T16 FE (exclusive model)
  • 200 FP Car: 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast (exclusive model)
  • Car Horn: Arooga 2
  • Clothing: Sports-Luxe Trainers
    #FORZATHON WEEKLY CHALLENGE: New Sportscar Experimental
  • Own and drive the 1992 Honda NSX-R
  • Reach 175mh in your Honda NSX-R’92
  • Win 3 Road Sprint events in your Honda NSX-R '92
  • Earn 10 Air Skills in your Honda NSX-R '92
    EVENTS: “Leaf Blower”
  • Championship: Rail Yard Cross Country Circuit, S1 900 Rally Monsters
  • Championship: Quarry Cross Country Circuit, A800 Sports Utility Heroes
  • Championship: Lakehurst Forest Trail, C600 Classic Rally
  • “All Fall Down” Championship: Ambleside Village Circuit, A800 Super Saloons
  • “007: Skyfall” Championship: Edinburgh City Sprint, James Bond Aston Martin DB5
  • “The Dirt Locker” The Trial Co-Op Championship: Holyrood Park Trail, S1 900 Rally Monsters
  • Roman Ruins
  • 3 star: 550 feet
  • Seasonal Objective: 749 feet

Earn 2 Lumberjack Skills
Earn 3 Great Skill Chains
Earn 2 stars or better in any Speed Trap

No Autumn Barn Find, or just not saying what it is?

If you complete the “Daily Challange” during Forzathon Live Event you wont receive the promised reward 10/20 FP.

Its an old aston martin zagato

So those who were wondering to do the Skyfall event, this is very strange. People who don’t own the Ultimate edition or those who don’t have the Best of Bond car pack, they are appearing in the race with a Hoonigan Focus or a very different car which is another even in another class. I was in a Class B(618) Aston Martin DB5 and some other guy who owns a standard edition of the game was using a Hoonigan Focus of S1 class, my friend who also owns a Standard edition was using a Mercedes Benz W154. This is very weird, I want some quick answers.

“Available now!”

Except they arent, I had this popup and I cant buy them. why would you lie? Just introduce the popup when they are actually available…good way to shaft your Oceanic / Asian fans :confused:

Am I stupid? What are Road Sprint events?


Open your map and filter to just see the Road Racing Series events. You’ll see two icon types: oval for circuit, and an S curve for Sprint events. “Sprint” will be in the event name. There are multiple Sprint events.


Sprints are the point-to-point road races. Circuits are the ones where you do laps.

i have same problem did the road racing series but still on 0 completed

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thanks a bunch !

The Sprint Race is bugged. I did 12 in total with the NSX and it only counted 1. Once I had 2/3 but after the next race it went back to 1/3 and since then it did not change no matter which sprint road race I did.


i did both of them still on 0 completed?

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I’m stupid too. I have ultimate edition and I can’t find Mazda and Nissan in autoshow.

You have to pull 1st for them to count, hope that helps

its bugged i got the same problem still on 0 completed

They won;t be available until the 5th.

Sea sprint, medow sprint and the one in the city edi something are the ones i used all on the left of the map.