Audio - Audio start crackling, stuttering and bipping after loafing a new session or during gameplay

Bug Info: on any game mode local or online the game start to have audio issues with crackling noise, stutters, poor quality audio, bips and silences. It happens often when loading a session such as trainning session or race and also during the game. Sometimes if i disconnect and connect again my sound card it goes back to normal but just to crash again a few minites later.
Platform: pc xbox gamepass (Steam, Series X, Series S, Windows PC, Cloud)
Edition: gamepass (Game Pass, Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Add-Ons)
Account: solo (Family sharing, solo account, different purchase vs playing account, etc)
PC GPU: nvidia gtx 1060 (model and driver version or date last updated)
Peripheral: logitech driving force gt and audio interface steinberg ur mkii (full wheel model name, last update drivers)
Settings: low graphics woth 30+vsync (PC graphics or visual setting, Assisted Difficulty, Accessibility, localization, Xbox region, etc)
Xbox Settings: (any parental controls? Quick Resume?)
Attempted fixes: restart, reboot sustem, verify integrity, drivers update both graphics and audio (Have a Support ticket? rebooted, reinstalled, set settings to default, rolled back drivers, etc)
Content Update: happens a lot after update 4.0, it had happened way less often before 4.0

Its game breaker, Im on gamepas exclusively because of the game and Im not able to make a full race on it anymore, I was loving the game in spite of its issues and poor pc optimization but its getting unplayable this way.

I also experienced this yesterday, both in Career as in in Featured Multiplayer.
Playing on PC windows store version.
Rebooting the game fixed it for the first couple of events, but it came back after 3 or 4.

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I’m having this audio stutter & crackling/popping problem with the Steam version too.

I’ve had this recently

Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?


If you turn up your headphones/speakers while playing this video clip, you should be able to clearly hear the audio stuttering & crackling/popping:

…This occurs intermittently for me.
Sometimes the audio is fine, but often it’s not.
PC/Steam version of the game on Windows 11 Pro.
I do not have this problem with other games or applications.

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No clip but happened to me again last night.

Also getting lots of flickering and pop in