Audi Virtual Cockpit RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 RS7 TTRS 2018 & 2020

Hello, I have a question, the TTRS 2018 came first in Horizon 5, there I noticed the wonderful original speedometer animation from the digital speedometer, this was wonderfully taken over in Motorsport, up to here everything is good. But why on earth don’t you do that with the RS3 Sedan and the current TTRS 2020? These vehicles have the same speedometer, why is something only half-heartedly completed? Why does the TTRS 2018 have Audi tuning parts and the TTRS 2020, like the RS3 Sedan, has none? Incidentally, this speedometer animation is also available in the RS4 RS5 RS6 and RS7!!! Please correct this… because I’m really about to sell my Xbox and switch to the PS5 for Gran Turismo where some things are done more correctly… the penalties for cutting corners are also ridiculous, you accidentally drive onto the meadow because of an opponent on the straight and get punished for nothing… Then please add the indicator lights to the game when you apply the handbrake and dipped headlights are switched on. I hope there are more players who have noticed this… I have also taken screenshots of it which I am uploading. Have a nice Sunday

The original correctly animated cockpit is the TTRS 2018, the ones missing in the screenshot are the RS3 and TTRS 2020

Please make it better :blush: