Cars - Audi TT RS '20 - Right side of the Digital Gauge Cluster is stretched out (3935309)

Bug Info: 2020 Audi TT RS digital gauge cluster appears like it’s melting
Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Premium with all current car packs as of this writing
Account: Solo
PC GPU: RTX 3060 on driver 552.12
Settings: Ultra
Attempted fixes: None atm
Content Update: Car was added this Series.


Also, when you upgrade the hood, textures disappear

and the tow hook is placed incorrectly


These should best be placed as separate THUB posts IMO.


the ingame odometer is stretch but the real car doesn’t have the issue

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I agree. The 2020 Audi TT RS has hideous modeling errors. The gauge cluster is a mess!
The missiing textures of the hood is horrible. Brand NEW car with modelling errors.

Please get your act together and fix these terrible errors. (Note: the Drive Mode Select button on steering wheel is erroneous)

VS IRL Gauge Cluster