Audi TT RS Rear Bumper Missing Bug?

Anyone else have this missing rear bumper bug?

Cheers. Not just me then. LOL

Nope, your not on your own.

Not a dig at the devs, but you’ve got to wonder how things like this get through testing and into the game. :thinking:

I’m not surprised at all, it’s becoming more and more common. Maybe they are too busy creating new emotes or horns, or maybe clothes… These things are more important than the sound cars and designs…


Keep it in, it looks good.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl:You said testing. Check, re-check, and check again. I’d like to move to that reality.

Stuff like this makes me think the developers are still on “vacation.”

Speaking hypothetically here but if the said bumper not showing would accidently glitch to give you 10 free super wheelspins then expect a patch tomorrow.


Oh boy.

Someone didn’t check their XMLs properly.

You mean someone didnt checked at all. I also work in a software company and i can see rushed content and lack of experience. What is going on there?

Wasn’t able to test it myself yet but from what I’ve heard the rear bumper only changes the exhaust mufflers while the bumper itself is changed by the front bumper option. That’s why both options together are working fine.
Regardless, the QA we got accustomed to and “love” strikes again.
The car itself seems like a good implementation of the real one. Awesome launch due to short 1st & 2nd gear with awful brakes.
I’m not expecting any wonders on A800.

Some players also found a big black dot on the front body kit option of the TTRS, similar to the black dot on the rear of 2013 Audi R8 , the strange dark area on rear bumper of 2018 BMW M5 and the strange dirty area on the trunk door of Jeep Trailcat

It better be feature.

It’s a racing game, so the devs are busy with higher priorities. They’re getting more pencil dresses ready.

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