Auctioning HE Cars

Ususally when I go to buy an HE Car at the AH, the ones I see always end with a winning bid of 1-3 mil. credits, and they’re always a big bidding war right before it ends. However, I’ve sold 2 of my HE cars that were duplicates, but when they sell, there’s no bidding wars and it ends up being won for the starting bid price (Around 300k-400k). Why are my HE cars not selling for as high as the ones I see all the time on the AH?

There’s just too many of them out there I suppose and no new ones released for a while…

Hopefully the market will pick up after new players who might have had the game form “Santa” will want them once they have access to the AH and some money or tokens to burn…

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Things like the bac mono, viper, focus rs are very common and don’t go for much. Things like the gtr, huracan, supra are not as common and go for a few million.

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Don’t forget the metro 6r4. I have had one up on the ah 100 times and not had a single bid on it. Last night I went to bid on a HE Jag as it was one of the two HE cars I didn’t have and I had to pay 1.5m after a bidding war.

Yep, nobody seemed to want the Metro from day one, and the Mini cooled off quickly as well.

And yet it is at the top of the leaderboards on Blizzard Mountain for Drifting. Once I started using it, Drifting wasn’t such an issue anymore.

Yeah, I’ve mostly given up buying or selling HE vehicles, or anything in there for that matter. My cars, HE or not, don’t really sell despite me marking them down to less than half of their worth. 5.5mil BO’s are ridiculous and I don’t sell cars to make money because I’m too lazy to race in a racing game. I just try to sell cars when I have multiples of a car or something I don’t care to collect.

Most vehicles I’m interested in aren’t in the AH and haven’t been since I started playing this game at release (i.e Chevelle 454 HE and Works Cooper HE). There were others but I’ve since given up on those. Anything else is overpriced and not worth getting hatemail for anymore (yes, this has happened more than I’d like to admit for a game I find otherwise fun). I have a HE vehicle to cover most of the perks/skills so I just buy the regular version of any others I want.

As I have said in another post, I was at one point excited about the concept of the AH. While I still find the concept new and interesting, I only go there to browse like it’s the Sunday comics. Sometimes I sit and watch people bid war with each other, paying $500-$600K for a $250K non-HE car.

Sometimes people get caught up in the emotion of the auction. I’ve seen it happen in real life too. Try selling in the evenings, I find 9pm-1am EST is a good time to sell as it seems like a lot of people are on. Also, I’ve found cars sell better with a good paint job/custom graphics vs. stock and when upgraded vs. stock. Also, as others have said, the model affects the price a lot more than anything else. Since people can still win Focus RS, Viper, Corvette, etc. in the wheelspins, they a re much more common and therefore go for lower prices than the cars that aren’t currently available in the wheelspins, like the BRZ, Huracan, and GTR.

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If you are in Europe my best advice is to time the ending to be USA time. I do that as I am in the UK and I get better results for my sale.

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It mostly depends on two things: time and vehicle. Weekends are usually the best time to sell, but not all HE cars will sell at a high price:

It also helps to add your own paint and tune. I was lucky enough to have someone buy out one of my Ford GT’s. That NEVER happens with the GT.

I wish I could find a HE Mini and a HE 454 :confused: They’re never in the AH or in Wheelspins.

Edit: The Works Mini.

The Metro is fun to drive on BM, I think.

The Chevelle isn’t out yet.

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Either is the works mini

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Well, that explains alot. I’ve been looking for one of those for forever. Thanks for the update. Maybe with the second expansion.

The auction house is not working.