Auction house worry

Hi, I haven’t really played FM4 for ages, and since My son will soon be getting his own console, I thought I’d start earning some money in the auctions to buy him some cars. I purchased a Ferrari 330 p4 for 275,000, put on my design stuck it on the auction and the bids rose to over 243,000,000. Now I don’t know if these are dodgy credits or not, but this is so much money, and would give my son a terrific start to the game. Is there a way to find out whether it’s safe to resolve the auction or not?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Seems like some people just really liked your design on that car.

You will be fine even if the person giving you the credits got them through non legal means.

Sounds like an amazing sale! Great job!


No. I see people throwing down 18,000,000 CR on a stock Dodge challenger. No design. One example of hundreds). People are spending millions on garbage and nothing on good things. Tonight seems all the people have there way overpaid/over priced cars in auctions. Mainly 6-10 people. 500 Bugatti a day. Allstarting at 1,000. All end in 3m - 50m. Every single day! But who knows. Maybe everyone getting Xbox one for Xmas and getting rid of there cars and cash? Dunno. Hope it levels back out though.