Can anyone help an old racer out?

Hi! I’ve been playing Fm4 on and off since its release, and I’ve just came back to it and realized how few achievements left I have to get. So now I’m on a mission to finish this game properly before I eventually upgrade to xbox one.
I still have plenty of races to do, but it’s suddenly dawned on me, that the Ferrari collector and the top 5 cars achievements may not be possible for me without a little helping hand, you see I didn’t think and passed on many of the Ferrari’s as I was levelling up, and also swindled my forza money away on so many other cars and liveries as you do!

Back in the Fm3 days I had a lot of time on my hands, and I created several popular race replicas, I made a lot of Money, more then I knew what to do with, so I was very charitable. Helping out other genuine people who needed it, while also hosting races and championships with free entry and and putting up my own cash as prize money.

I had less time with Fm4 and never got into painting, hence my low funds. So I’m hoping some of that good karma I dished out will Come back around!

Any help will be appreciated, my GT is Eddie House 55

Thank you!

Hello! Here is a little bit of good karma: Put a yellow Abarth 500 with a buyout of 10 million credits into the auction house. Please post here if you’ve done that and I’ll buy it.

And some tips here:
Take a look at the auction house. Especially if you don’t have the Ferrari 330 P4. You should find one for 1 million instead of wasting 9 million credits for a new one.
You could try out the rivals mode. The important thing is not to do one very best lap, but to continually improve your lap time and getting rewards for beating each rival.

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Thank you so much! I have listed a yellow 500, your kindness is extremely appreciated! And I will definitely be paying it forward when possible! Also thank you for the sound advice. I did manage to pick up a p4 at a fraction of the cost this morning. The other 4 cars though are still extremely expensive!

You’re welcome. I’ve just bought the Abarth.

Do you know about rewards? Depending on your tier level you get some credits every now and then (It used to be every month, I think it’s weekly now).

No I didn’t know about that. Where do I find this? Thanks again for the help!

You see the REWARDS tab, up the top of the screen? Hover the mouse over the tab, and click redeem Rewards! :slight_smile:

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I have some spare credits if you haven’t enough for all the cars you need.

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I also would be more than happy to send you some credits or a particular car if that would be helpful to you =) Just send me a friend request =)

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Thanks so much for the overwhelming response! I’ll shoot some messages when I’m on after work today!

Playing FM6 right now. I’m at my limit of 500 cars in FM4 and I think I have around 6 million credits I can’t really use if you need more. Gamertag: ChelseaOilman

Much appreciated but I’m all set now! Thank you to everyone that helped and everyone that offered! Good to see the forza 4 community is still strong. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came here. It’s been a pleasant surprise!