What's with all of the stupid-ridiculous priced auction cars?

Do players really pay those amounts? Who has all those credits? $111,111,111 or $999,999,999 really!?!?!

Plenty of people do, there are often events right here on the forums with prize pots well into the billions. Now, the trick is separating the people who legitimately have that much with the ones who hack their save game or glitch credits.

I hear you Robotic. It’s irritating to see those prices. I usually message the seller with a smartellick remark or question. I tried again to sell a car recently despite saying I wasn’t going to ever again and instantly got hate-messages. It was a 20,000 Cr. car, I had a top 50 LB time tune on it, and the car had 1,000 wins under its belt. I started the auction at 20,000 Cr. with a buyout of 25,000 Cr. 4 people sent hateful messages within 10 minutes of being posted. Yet, one of the guys was selling a Bugatti SS for 500,000,000 Cr. slightly modified, with a fugly paint job. Outrageous. I’m thinking about reporting these people, as the price is offensive to me. Sure that would get me banned though.

That’s the thing though, there’s no description in the Auction House. How would anyone know what tune is on the car? What LB tine it set? Or how many wins it had? Did it have a design on it or was it just a regular color? For all anyone can tell its just a dealer car that someone stuck full price in the AH. Believe me, I don’t think its fair that some things go for so much for apparently no reason but you have to consider how it looks to someone searching as well. If they were looking through and saw a (visually at least) stock car at full price, or the same car with a great livery, they’d pass up on the one they think was stock. You can get a tune from anywhere, but not everyone can paint. I made several billion credits with liveries in the AH, and events on the forums.
Don’t get discouraged by it, just find what people want and cater your AH sales to it.

When they messaged me, I informed them of the tune and the wins, but it was too late, they were already ticked off. Said that don’t make a 20,000 Cr. car worth full price. Lol, but stupid paint jobs make cars worth 50 times base price. It’s a joke.

The Auction House is often used for Photocomp winners to receive their winnings. I entered a DLK Photocomp a month or so ago and the prize money I got from coming 3rd was 200,000,000. That’s right, 200 Million Credits!!! And the car I was told to put up was a BMW M3. I received my winnings and the car gifted back with an unlocked design made by rockstof.

The auction house has always been filled with grossly overpriced cars. The vast majority of it is rubbish with people just trying it on, but not all. As has already been mentioned people use it for collecting prize money for comps and things.

Thanks for the enlightenment, …always more to learn.