Art class challenge-closed

Time to head out to Maple Valley Full Circuit where the car will be as colorful as the scenery in this challenge. This will be an R3 challenge ( gettin’ out o my element ) in the #79 BMW M3 GT2 Jeff Koons Art Car . I have a tune and design loaded to my SF for this challenge … the tune must be used … if you use the design that’s great too !

I set a PB of 1.28.882 as a target time to beat

For some added fun I set new PB’s also on the

Indy GP 1.24.609

Silverstone International 1.22.088

Top Gear Full 1.09.729


MBD 1.26.280 MV

JWC 1.27.717 MV 1.23.809 INDY

Kool 1.28.543 MV

Vold 1.29.848 MV

DL47 1.31.724 MV

Set Time 1.28.882 MV

I gotta take my hat off to ya Draggin , i cant get near your time . Best i done was 1:29:848 ( lap 6 on my rreplay ) . That car and the #92 vrersion just dont live up to their specs for me . The #08 Lambo Gallardo is similar in specs but seems to out perform the beemer everywhere i try them out .Maybe its just me , i dunno ! ! !

Thanx V , I am pretty sure the #08 Lambo will smoke the BMW especially hitting the turns but was surprised the #79 did as well as it did in some places such as Mugello Club Nurb Club and a few others I tried it on here and there

Hey DRAGGIN, etch on my sketch a 1:28.543 - new PB ;] Thanks for another one, bud ;]

Great time ! Hope ya didn’t have to hide too far down in the seat in that one lol … she’s such a pretty car ;o)

I did… not beat the target, a 1:31.724

That is quite the paint job!

man, do I have a back-log of challenges!

…lots to do!

thanks! ;^)

Ah that’s ok I’m leavin things up til everyone can get to them or until they go completely dead lol … indeed quite the paint lol … I had a fourth grade inspiration to go along with my fourth grade skills on that one =D

Haven’t really ventured into the R classes that much, everything seems to happen very, very quickly. Managed a 1.27.717 on lap 6 of replay. Not got much experience to compare it to but I liked it, although maybe a little harsh through the bumps for my liking.

props to ya and ya I don’t venture out too often into the higher classes except on ovals but I’d imagine that’s a pretty solid time for the BMW

I’m working my way through the event list still, saving all the R races until the end. Having just completed The indy gp, the BMW felt much better, maybe it’s the nature of maple that doesn’t suit it. 1.23.809 at Indy.

I liked it real well on silverstone international and mugello club … I also did well with it at iberian reverse where I ran my taurus the bull challenge … I never cared much for the car but it seems to do ok for me just as an overall use car … now that is lol

Hi , I gave this a try, i like the M3, unfortunately it isn’t very competitive in the game
the tune is stable with tcs on, it becomes a bit tricky without any assists
but no problem was fun to drive
I managed a 1:26.280 on lap 10 of my replay without assists (25.9xx with tcs on) - replay uploaded

Awesome job speedy1 ;o)

thanx guys another by the wayside ;o)