R3 McLaren challenge - Closed

Here is a new challenge for you guys . Its a speed challenge . I tuned the #59 McLaren MP3 for Indy full . I wanted it to go as fast as i could make it so i set the front and rear aero to minimum . You can get to 191 mph just b4 braking into turn one :slight_smile: . Obviously with min aero , you lose downforce and less grip in the corners but the car makes up for that no problem . The target time is 1:23 830 . I have uploaded a replay of me setting the time if you wish to browse it on my SF . I will run the challenge for 3 weeks from today or until interest dies . Prizes are the normal 50 M or a car tuned too if you wish . The tune and paint to be used are on my SF now . . .

Here are a few pics of car and paint to be used

Good luck and i hope you enjoy the challenge

Please name replay #59 challenge if your looking a prize for beating the time .

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DOH !!!

I didnt realise its DLC , my bad :frowning:

I will organise another challenge for those who dont have the #59 in a day or two .

Nice ride V … 1.23.807 Lap 5 managed a clean 192 mph straight into corner … start of lap 6 was 192 but went off the end but I ended replay there anyway ;o) PB also ;o)

Mark me down with a PB of 1:23.144 Just happened to find this paint in the AH last night from our own Jdog12333 ;] Thanks Jdog =] and thanks V =]

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Hi, here are my results with the McLaren
I managed a 1:22.013 on lap 4 of my replay
The Tune is not easy to handle, a bit more rearwing would be helpful
Topspeed is not everything :wink: - nevertheless was fun to drive

Think this puppy is over n done . Will wrap it up on Friday midnight . Thanx guys for trying it out .

Right , thats that one done n dusted i guess . Thanx to all who took part and if you beat the time and want a prize , stick a VW Fox up in the AH for 50 M and let me know here or msg me . I will even tune a car if you wish .