Are you kidding me, Forza?

Yes, i got it and drove it. The mirror is stretched out, the hand is shifting gears somewhere in the air, the wheels are half in the textures of asphalt. Well, at least the hands are not in the steering wheel textures, as is the case with many new cars. Are you kidding me, forza?

I think that the tiers are supposed to “simulate” that they are not perfect round when a car’s weight is resting on them IRL

The shifting animation is weird, i agree.

I noticed the tires last night too. Default tire presure is quite low, around 15psi, near or at the lowest possible setting. I tried putting it up around 18.5, which is where I tended to run rally/offroad tunes in Horizon 4, but not a lot of change visually. Try Forzavista or photo mode, and see how they look if you can zoom in at all,

I tried, so… The result is not good, now it is clearly visible that the tires in the textures of asphalt

Well that’s wrong. Don’t use FH4 tire pressure settings in 5. They changed they tire model (physics) so the settings are more accurate to life.

Low psi for off-road is a good thing. Generally the default setting is ok for tires IF they are being used as intended. Like off-road tires (not rally) set to 14 psi. Rally tires would be set higher.

You NEED to use telemetry to set correct pressure. Focus on inside temp and middle more than outside. Remember as tires heat up the psi increases so a 14 psi setting is the tire when it’s cold which means by the time it’s warmed up it will be at more like 18 psi. So starting at 18 will mean worse traction once they warm up.

yeah, I know. I’m still adjusting my tuning strategy, and running newer tunes to see how they compare to what I used to run. In this case, I saw the tire clipping through the ground, and wanted to see if it was due to tire pressure. Don’t worry about it. Also, it’s not the topic of the thread.

In the early days after the Super 7 launch in Horizon 4, I noticed that when your character is chatting with the event creator during the cutscene, it sometimes looked as though their shoes were sinking into the ground, even on asphalt. So I’m thinking the collision doesn’t always quite line up with the texture surface. So the engine has often exhibited some interesting behavior on surfaces.

This mirrors and hands in steering wheel make me sick anyway

This “thing” is soo full of bugs. Even on the bug there are bugs. → facepalm ←
It is an outrage that PGG releases such an overall unfinished game!!! Eliminator is un-play-able → because you dont see your oppponents. out of nowhere head to head races starting- WTH PGG??? 3 weeks after release still not working eliminator!!
Hey PGG!! I payed for Xbox Live but your game doesnt work online !!! what is this? Havnt you tested the game before release ??? i am so angry,!!

We all know the answer to this question is ‘nope’. Playground Games do not give one care. It’s a given. They’ve got ya money and that’s it, you can all suck it up and taste the funky-spunky porridge for all they care.

“Sumbit” a ticket and hope they fix it. Judging by the Countach, they won’t.

Have all these not been a problem since FH1? Haven’t played FM4/3 in years but I reckon it may be the same in those as well. All this has been going on for years and never fixed. If it is a jab at “tire pressure realism”, it’s clunky at best just as it’s been in all other Horizon titles. This is a pointless thread. Even if we got thousands of people to petition or even boycott, there’ll still be plenty of rocket scientists out there who will blindly pre-order any game just to have it “early”, let alone a mere week. Like, you can’t wait a week?

This is what comes when enough people dish out a wad of cash for something they’ve no idea how the final product will operate. Regardless of whether or not a demo is given, the day one “full” release may operate in some drastically different manner. I.e. bugs galore. If we all want PG/T10 to step up their game and actually put in the time and effort to fix bugs like these, which have existed for far too long in multiple of their own titles, it’s going to take tons of us to opt out. I won’t be buying FH5 until I see all trivial bugs, including ones such as these, fixed. But, again, plenty of geniuses on this planet with money to blow. :confused:

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Also I noticed with this car the animation when pulling into your house is odd. When it comes to a stop the wheels stop but the inner barrels keep spinning…or the car has spinner rims. :wink::man_shrugging:t2:

That’s not just on this vehicle. I’m not sure if it’s a specific vehicle thing, or just a randomly happens thing, but I’ve seen it happen with several vehicles, both pulling up to houses and barns. I’ve noticed it happen mostly while online.

I’ve also had that cutscene when pulling to a barn, and before stopping, my car does a little bunny hop.

The tires are working properly, they have like 15psi or less in them, and it’s just deformation from low pressure. If you inflate the tires to like 25psi or something, they will get round.

The mirror is just extended to give you a better view of the whole road behind you. I’m pretty sure this was just a thing to assist players in seeing more clearly.

The shifting animation (if you call your hand floating in the air “shifting”) is garbage, in this and EVERY vehicle in the game. It’s the WORST on vehicles with sequential shifting, like the Hoonicorn, because if you aren’t giving steering input, your hand just floats a bit behind and above the top shifter, not really doing anything. If you manually shift, you hand just let’s go of the wheel, moved to the side, does nothing, then grabs the wheel again. I have a hard time believing this is intended, and not a bug. I know a bunch of stuff in this game is terrible and poorly implemented, but I can’t believe they would give this animation the stamp of approval, especially when many people play in that view, or with a wheel. It’s bad enough where it even looks terrible from a chase view, through the back window.