Tire pressure, real world vs FH4

Out in the real world I am a decent car tuner. I’ve tried using my real life knowledge on tuning in FH 4 - and there are some things that are far off from what a real world setting would do to handling.

Low tire pressure handling seems to be very very forgiving. From the cars I’ve tested so far I’ve had better results with running warm tires on very low psi values than using what would be best in real life. Is it just me, or is too low tire pressure actually beneficial on most cars in FH4 even if you’re not aiming for dirt tunes?

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Absolutely. Tire overheating feels so forgiving, its like it doesn’t exist. Cold tires are kinda Anglo-Saxonic excrement, then hot and way too hot tires are mostly fine. I think they did it so that people who play with ABS and AWD swap causing their cars to under steer don’t get mad. If tire overheating was realistic AWD swaps wouldn’t be nearly as OP, and we would see a lot more Nakazato moves. But It’s all gotta be catered for the normies, right?