Are there people still playing this game?

After getting this game for like dollars at Gamestop, I have to say I’m overly impressed with this game. Especially after I was about to turn it off, when I checked the paint menu and my imagination nearly urinated itself. The thing though is, are people still playing this game? I checked online to see if people were still playing it, and sadly I couldn’t find any matches. Are there still people who play this game? Even if no one’s playing it, I think I’m still gonna invest a ton of hours into beating events, upgrading cars, and pimping out my rides to unimaginable heights.

(I actually only got this game to get the most out of my $25 Gamestop gift card. Most of the money actually when to getting my mom a $15 Tetris game that was for the Xbox, and this game was sort of like an after thought. Bless this game…)

Yeah there’s not many people playing but I sometimes see people. Only, it’s a rare thing.

If it received backwards compatibility and the ability to use Xbox One racing equipment I’d be all over playing this game.


I just started this game over the weekend and having a blast with it.

This was my first Forza game and I ended up selling it awhile back. Today I picked one up again and realized how much I missed it! If you want you can add me for friend, however, my internet is not the best right now(satellite). I will be getting fiber-optic by the end of this year. In the meantime we can race each other’s ghosts if you would like. My gamertag is BlackHillsHntr.

There was an online race earlier today that I tried to join, but it said it was full. So there are some that still play online.

i still play it but due to lack of players online i don’t go on very often. managed to get a room once. and it brought back too many good memories lol.

I tried it the other day, it looks to out dated for me now.

I still play

I did try sticking the disc in last year, but I just found it quite jarring when you compare it to the improvements made by future games in the series, and I’m not just talking graphical & audio.

I’ve been playing it recently myself. I’d chalk it up to nostalgia, been feeling sentimental about a lot of stuff recently. Trying to get the last few car collector achievements. Now if only the rewards tracker would FINALLY update… I hope.

I should fire this up. I got hooked with this one. Have a few hundered custom paints collected. Them were good times.

I host standard lobbys every evening if anything about 100-250 people still race on a average basis but most lock there lobbys.

Also still playing Multiplayer, last night as a matter of fact. Matchmaking is not that good for some reason. Thursday nights (NA, east coast mostly) are the most popular, send a friend request from the dashboard if interested, always looking to help develop new players. Auction House & Gifting are offline;, many players are willing to help gamers new to the game build and tune to get you started. I first played in 2009, but didn’t develop a serious interest in the game until 2013, and am now on Leaderboard hot lap rank 417.

I keep wanting to go back to it, but I always get bummed out when I remember I cant get the DLC cars, so it kind of puts me off.

DLC there are cars that run DLCs close is Saleen, CLK gtr, in U class, D class Golf gti, Peuguot 206, C class are Lotus Elise 135R, Mugen Integra, B class Lotus exige, Mugen Integra, Mini Cooper, A class Mugen Integra, Subaru 22B, S class, Saleem, GT40, then R4\1, best R1 is the #12 Ferrari

I still have mine, might give it a shot!

I do miss playing this game as was the first game i really got into alongside the TOCA series,last time i played this was last year. The funny thing is Forza 3,4,5 and 6 are poor compared to this classic. If anyone needs someone that can help them improve their times,then out of all these i would go along with Daddioo. I dont understand the ranking lark as dont take any notice of it as had some proper bumper to tail or door/door moments whether overtaking or undertaking,its all the same to me as long as its a clean lobby and all cars are same on performance,ive raced some who have answered to this post and from what i a read,it’s best to add Daddioo .Online says he runs a standard lobby,but i remember a charger against my mugen on a track that favoured his charger. which wasnt standard.I wont tell what happened.

I got the Platinum Hits version not too long ago. Currently over 50% in the career mode. I’m enjoying the game a lot.

I completed the game 100% last year in December for the first time. Forza 3 took a lot longer (from December 2016 to July 2017, 1040+ races). I like the way the physics evolved over the years in each game. Even the first game, which I also did 100%, is very pleasant to drive in and very responsive despite the 30 FPS update.

I’ll go back and complete every game in the series again, starting with the first one. I’m currently playing both FM4 and Horizon 1 for 100%. As soon as I get my One X I will do the rest of the games in the series though I will play the games that are fully available on Windows on PC.

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