Are there any "goofy" vehicles you'd love to see on FM23?

The game is SUPPOSED to be serious and thinking about adding the same features present in childish games like Horizon or The Crew is something out of this world. They have to fix this shameful pile of bugs and that’s all.


I can read and I repeat: go play those childish games mentioned before.

I completely agree with carlodeisu

Why would a serious racing title ever add weird and unusual vehicles for the fans to enjoy

That would just be ridiculous

No one would ever want to race a van with an f1 engine or a twin engined rally car on road courses

What would be the fun in that

It definitely wouldnt be any fun to drive a 2000 horsepower car built in jay lenos garage

Any serious racing title that adds such silly things really cant be that serious about the product they produce

If by this point you havent figured out that i am 100% being facetious and think that this game is about car culture and it would be great to see all types of cars in the game. Gran turismo actually understands this and has one of the best car rosters in the entire market


Bro you’re playing Forza, not rFactor. Since when did unconventional cars become a kid’s favourite? It’s not exclusive to any group and is such a ridiculous point to even attempt to make.

Kids gravitate towards fully upgraded Bugattis and Lambos anyway, they aren’t rushing to race slow mini vans.

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It’s all fun and games until a troll decides to take this into a class lobby and block and ram…


Serious racing games:

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • iRacing
  • rFactor(2)
  • EA F1 series
  • Automobilista (2)
  • Project Cars
  • Gran Turismo

Not serious racing games but casual / fun racing games:

  • The Crew
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Forza Horizon
  • Wreckfest
  • Mario Kart
  • Need For Speed
  • Grid Legends

I want all of the “goofy” cars. From the ones with racing history like the Tyrrell P34 six-wheeled race car (which I think had a vote setup in the suggestions at some point), to things like the Silence S04 electric microcar. I get more of a kick taking odd cars around actual tracks than in the faux street and off-road environs of Horizon.

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There’s also the opposite:

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If you have the Tyrrell P34, you gotta have the Williams FW08B. The one and only F1 with 4WD.

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Hey man, that’s pretty negative and non-constructive. I didn’t think you supported that sort of forum engagement.


While we’re talking weird F1s, add the Brabham Fan Car to that list.


?? Try to think before you post.

I am perfectly fine with the Tyrell coming to game (if ever) as it did compete in races for 2 seasons. The BT-46 ran 1 race and got banned and the March 4 wheel never made it in to a race at all. Neither did the Ferrari 312T6 for that matter. I don’t think I’d have an issue with the BT-46 as the only reason it didn’t race more than once was rules changes.

How do you handle a car that has no available details on how it should perform? The 2-4-0 had initial issues with it’s gearbox (4wd unit) and the Ferrari was nothing more than a media piece.

The biggest problem with the Tyrell in video games is getting the 4 wheel steering right. Most advanced racing games physics don’t have a provision for it, I highly doubt Forza does either.

It’s true a number of the wackier cars have either never run or barely exist anymore. Can’t get much data on the Espace F1 when there’s only one in the world and a handful of people who can make it run.

But dreaming is cheap.

On a completely different note,

I don’t know about goofy, but a class of microcars, kei cars and other small city cars could be fun. After all FM7 had the Subaru 360, Citroën 2CV, and BMW Isetta, and there’s already the hot versions of the MkI Mini and Gen1 Clio. And it’s not just so I can have the Twingo of my childhood in a game.

Something that’s definitely goofy though, how about a DMC-12 but every time you reach 88mph the race starts over?


Sad thing is, you would have to swap the engine to get to 88…eternal E class for that car…lol.

Outside of riding lawnmower racing… (and I know it’s not goofy) I would really love if they would bring motorbikes into the game. Whether it be Motorsport or Horizon or both… I think it would really set the stage for a sweet expansion. MotoGP, sport, dirt bikes, rally bikes, and on and on…

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I would like to add the Twizy F1 to this list!


Only if we have a swap option with an actual F1 engine.

For that matter, I’d like to see more goofy engine swaps. I was driving the Clio V6 yesterday, trying different engines, and thought it lacked a W12 option.

And why not EV-swaps and ICE-swaps options. I know it physically wouldn’t make sense, but Nevera W16 anyone?

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