Are ghosts broken?

As per title.

Are ghosts broken? When in free play it only seems to show the ghost of my last lap rather than my fastest lap. is it supposed to be like this, a “feature” as T10 would sell it? Or is it a bug?

Also in rivals, when i beat the ghost of my first rival it shows no further ghost for the next rival. Another bug?

I’d much prefer to see the ghost of my fastest lap wen in free play.


Agreed, I feel the ghost racing in rivals was much better in previous games and not sure why it is so bad in this one. I have the same issues with ghosts not updating and running my fastest lap.

Yes ghost mode is fundamentally broken, it will often only show my first lap of the session even though I beat it with a faster clean lap, and then on other occasions it will update perfectly fine. My main issue however is, if I back out of the session and return later it will only show my ghost from the current session and not my fastest run, this makes no sense to me as there is no way to see how i can improve my fastest lap.

Rivals has only given you the initial rival ghost when you load the session. They have not loaded the new ghost for the new rival for several versions of the game now. So if you want the ghost of your new rival you have to back out and restart the rival event.

Ghosts in Free Play are poor but can be used to your advantage if like me you prefer running against your own.

A ghost is always created on your 1st lap in Free Play.

This ghost is then only updated if you set a new PB.

For best advantage if you are hotlapping:

1 Set the start to standing start with 0 drivatars, ghosts on;

2 Reverse from the line and turn around, get your tyres warm and start the 1st lap at race speed;

3 Use rewind if necessary to perfect the lap to the limit of your skill;

4 Try to beat your fast ghost clean.


I’d like to run against my own ghost. I think I’m missing something in your instructions, because I never see a ghost. I set it up as you indicated: standing start, 0 drivatars, ghosts on. Do you have to do a backward lap to get a ghost?

The ghost appears after your first lap. All I do is try to make lap 1 as fast as possible. That ghost will stay until you beat your PB and will then be replaced. If you’re lucky you can carry on and beat it again :slight_smile:

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Works great! I thought we had forever lost self-hotlapping. Thanks much.

If you set a fast time and quit and then try again that ghost will be gone until you beat your fast lap.

So yes, you will eventually lose hotlapping due to hitting that brick wall.

You just have to set another VERY FAST 1st lap and try again. Better than nothing Swerve :smile:

Seems like a lot of work to get a usable ghost. Past games was much more streamlined, not sure why they would get away from what was already working. Maybe to add some helicopters and planes flying around…???

The problem still exists in that when you start your free play session, you do not get your fastest ghost only the one you have just set on your first lap of the current session, and it is only untill you have beaten your fastest time that your ghost will be updated. might have to try your suggestion Mr Moss.

So many hours I’ve spent in past games going onto leader boards and setting a rival ghost and hotlapping. This game doesn’t allow that and you’re limited to barley 25 events with about 10 of those being autocross and drifting. If they want player retention this is a good area to start.

You’re welcome. This technique is particularly useful at longer tracks like Nordschleife but will work at any track.

For me the ghosts completely disappeared all together, why can’t I see other drivers ghosts anymore?

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You can only see other people’s ghosts in Rivals, so make sure you have a rival selected and ghosts is turned on in the HUD menu.

Thats what I meant lol, I literally can’t see the ghosts in rivals no matter what settings I put it on. I only use ghosts in rivals but they never show up anyways after one of the patches, i forgot which one but it started doing this since late last year, was fine the first few months.

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Ghosts are broken in Rivals as well since the January update. At least for some people. If you don’t see one in Rivals you have to watch the replay of the other player first. Rinse & repeat every time you beat a ghost. Yeah this game is soooo fun… NOT!


Oh looks like ghosts are fixed. I’ve tried it 4 times with 4 different people now and the opponent’s ghost appeared every time without watching the replay.

There was a small FH3 patch yesterday, maybe that helped to repair the broken ghosts, but l can’t imagine.
I don’t mind what the reason is, at least it works.

EDIT: It seems to be the same ghost every time. Weird.
After l restarted the Xbox no ghosts at all. Only when you use the work around by watching the replay.
I am totally confused now. I am 400% sure that the ghost of Mechberg has shown up without loading his replay. After beating him l left the event and restarted it with the next one on my friends list. Again l had a ghost without watching the replay. I am no longer sure it wasn’t the same of Mechberg again.
The same with the Lambo at Barcelona event. The ghost appeared without watching a replay.
And now after a few restarts of my One X there aren’t any ghosts on any event.
So forget my comment here.

Ghost have always been a very huge source of racing fun for me. Them not working properly is a huge blow to the game.

Forza 3: You have a ghost of yourself and the rival, your ghost is updated every time you beat your own time. If you beat the rival, you immediately get to race the ghost of your NEXT rival with a time better than you.

Forza 7: I don’t get a ghost of myself, no matter what configuration I use, to have a ghost in rival I need to look one full lap of the rival and once I beat his time, it is main menu and watching rivals again before I can get to the next one

Turn10, please, I don’t want 700 cars, I am not going to race all of the anyway, but please make local leaderboards come back and give me ghosts that work. This would make your game 200% better.