AR Eidolon (Formerly Pistoi Poet) *Eidolon Graphics* (NEW!... XME Club Logo)

Thanks for poppin’ in guys… This is the home for Eidolon Graphics… I hope you enjoy my works… Thank you for all the support this community has given me… On to the show!

Team Galag P1

Not identical but the best I could manage given the layer count and paint dead spots… hope you enjoy!

Eidolon Goons R34

Graffiti Drift

Sha Do French Drift Camaro Champion

Mystery Machine simple design ‘warming’ back up to the editor after some time away just for fun

I know Monster cars have been done to death but I had the decals laying around and everyone loves the GumBall 3000 so I figured I’d share it while I wrap up a different Sha Do Street Design… Enjoy

Matt Powers Replicas

Sha Do Works

370 Mashups


looks awesome! I’ll probably be using all of these as you turn them out!

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Much appreciated… I made the mech panther in FM4 and I loved it… will be completing their portfolio this month… I’ll keep you updated!

I know it’s not fantasy but I plan on using the logos for a new fantasy paint in which I fill in the base… up soon!

If you’re feeling up for a new challenge, I’d love to see this paint get redone in FM5. A very good one was done in 4 and I loved it and would love to drive it again! More pictures in the gallery link that follows.
Import Tuner Sha Do RSX Gallery


I need this vinal

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I’d love at stab at that!.. I will start once I finish the current Sha Do design I’m in the middle of! Thanks for the suggestion!

RX7 Stage D now up

RX-7 looks good mate! Just question I have about a lot of Sha Do paints I’ve seen in general though; Are the words on the left side of the car meant to be backwards? I’ve seen this on a bunch of cars (mainly ones replicating drift cars or done in the drift style) and its always seemed really weird to me. As a bonus, it has helped my ability to read backwards!

lol yeah I noticed the same thing… I guess it’s a sort of Japanese drift fad as far as I gather

New Works!!

^^^ This looks amazing, great job.

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Thanks Sketch!! This might sound corny but I spent a great number of hours in the booth trying to catch up to you, and top painters alike after you beat me in 3-4 livery comps… your kind words are so much appreciated!!! Thank you thank you!!

Good job here.

You have this one, for the French Championship of this year :wink:

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When/where can i get my hands on this? Looks unreal!

I do have this one!.. I’ve been working on the gradients for the color swap as the blue is not as simple as the red but I can post it soon! Keep a look out! this one’s next!!

they are all awesome… The shine on them is great keep up the great work.

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GumBall 3000!

I have the base paint for this on a Camaro… just waiting for a day off to finish the decal work… will be up this week… let me know if you’d like it on another car as well

Any chance of the Gokiburi Skyline going back up? I would love to add that to my skyline collection :).