AR Eidolon (Formerly Pistoi Poet) *Eidolon Graphics* (NEW!... XME Club Logo)

great stuff. Supra is my favorite. Looks awesome!

New works!!

Really amazing stuff here mate, excellent quality! Keep up the awesome work.

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New Graff Works

Color swap

enjuku GT-R

I cant find the camaro?? It is the ZL1 right?

Sure is… Pistoi Poet under creator or French Drift Sha Do for description should pull it up


Eidolon Goons R34

WOW loving this great work sir…

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Kudos keep em coming

very nicely done grabbing one of these

Not identical but the best I could manage given the layer count and the paint dead spots… hope you enjoy!

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very great job on the design Sha_Do
Congratulations, I love the style Grafitty

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Thanks Pat!

Updated GT due to confusion + joined AR… AR is currently recruiting PM me if interested

AR Lobby Z4… Currently Recruiting!!! PM me for details!

Incredible work my friend.

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Thank you sir

Cant really see the gradient work because my camera is loosey… anyway custom club logo for XME… thoughts?