[Eidolon] SilLkMCMLXXV *SkribbleS* /Small Update\ Mario StickerBomb

Thanks for dropping by! My style is sort of street mashup… Enjoy! Getting back into the booth after a long hiatus so criticisms welcome!

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Some good stuff mate, I like the graffiti style you have going on. A word to the wise though, putting “morphine” on a car might be suspected against TOS.

Didn’t think about that Ace. It’s actuality ‘Morphiine’ with the i’s doubled up. If I remember correctly they are some sort of RC company I made the logo to recreate a drift RC car a while back. Maybe I’ll swap it out since I don’t even remember what they do lol.

How come I can’t find your designs on the storefront?

They’re all keyword Sillk

Sillk Z

The Z car is looking Siick :D! Awesome work mate. Keep 'em coming.

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SilLk Media… Hurricane Inspiration

Some nice paints mate. Love the H inspiration one.

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so extra cool stuff here mate, keep it up

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Much appreciated fellas I have some big things in the works right now will see when I get them done… Going to milk this graffiti thing to the fullest… Glad there’s some old faces on the board still

Can’t wait to see what you have planned mate, as for now thought the RX-7 is looking fantastic!

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Fail Crew Mashup Hoonigan

Funky mate, the purple skull camo is certainly unique, nice job.

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Kind of crazy but I like it!

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Thanks fellas

Some very nice work in here SilLk, really like a couple of the Nissan’s and that gumball lambo - lot’s of detail in there.

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Banksy Soon!

Very cool looking paints you have here!

You’ve got your own style, which I like.

Keep it up.

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