[RACE] LE MAD BR0 Y0L0. Apex Designs Galadectesary

The artist formerly known as Special K Ok, U Mad Br0 Y0l0 and now “LE” has once again opened his gallery of car art. For the one and only Forza the 6th.

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Original GZOX spam in a can BMW Z4 GTE (BMW Z4 GTE #54)

1981 Pentosin Zakspeed Capri (Ford Zakspeed Capri #2)

#4 Tyrrell (1976 Mclaren M23)

2006 BAR Honda spec (#2 Wtcc Honda Civic)

Feel free to post any pictures you may find yourself drooling over… U mad?

howdy specialKOkUMadBr0Y0l0LE :wink:

do not be too lazy and bring the photos,lol,yolo

nice to see you in here!


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Pictures added… Enjoy to the max

Sweet, you did the Capri i was going to do next, thanks buddy!

They all look great especially the ‘Lucky Strike’


Thanks AB, I actually have a shot of it with with your Sachs Capri on the Ring GP circuit in the wet… Not the easiest paint to get matching reference pictures though, so many minor sponsor changes throughout the season, but found a set that matched…
Yeah the civic was actually a 5 minute job with logos from FM5 off my BAR F1 design.

Nice work, 1981 Pentosin Zakspeed Capri (Ford Zakspeed Capri #2) is my fav

Thanks mate, I have an original period design in the works for the Capri also.

great work on the Capri, will definately be picking up a copy next time I’m on F6. Love the Elf Tyrrell as well

Hope you enjoy driving around in the classic design when you get a chance.

Everything but the rainbow bread!! lol Looks good man, looking forward to see what else you’ll have out

Awesome work LE


Love 'em all mate but that G’Zox Bimmer is out of this world. Keep up the great work!

BAMM just because

Wow man, great paints. For sure wanna pickup a few of em

Has been up for a while now.

An original design, will be up shortly just some minor touches needed to be 100%

I like the BMW, reminds me of a Super Taikyu car

The end result of the Audi R8 LMS from yesterday

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That is very cool man.