apologies for the rant,just bought forza 4 essential edition.

was told by game shop that it had expanded content.when i got home said to myself hmm it only has one disc?googled the game.penny dropped DOH!

just wasted £12.50 on the lesser version of game :frowning:

will now have p/x it for the PROPER VERSION of the game.

sorry for the rant.

Maybe there’s more cars all on one disc instead of 2??? I don’t know. Mine had 2 discs but I still don’t have a lot of the expansion cars that you have to get while hooked up to live.

Why don’t you go back and have a friendly chat with the guy at the game shop that sold you the game?

I’m pretty sure that version of the game came free with xboxs and says ‘Not for resell’ on it. I’d take take it back to the store and ask for the full one.