Anyone with wheel not able to use full 900 degrees of rotation

Not thats its a problem as such, but being a 900 degree wheel drifter and having to use 540 degrees just to keep a drift is a bit of a pain, does anyone else have this problem ?

Have you set the DOR or whatever the value name is higher in Options > Controls > Advanced… It is the bottom setting in there I believe.

Set 900 at the wheel, 4 blinking lights, and than 900 within the game.
Of course this only applies if you have the TX.

Does the in game setting override the wheel setting?


I watched a video from ISR about setting up the TX on FM5 and it did override it. He tested it by setting the wheel at 360 ,verified that it was at 360 then just changed the in game setting to 900 and the DOR on wheel was at 900.

Here is the video

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Thank you.