Anyone here know how to drive?

Seriously, I would love to get to know some people that know how to survive turn fing 1. I love this game, but the public lobbies are absolute cancer. More often than not, I manage to be one of the top 3 fastest laps. However, even more often, I get boned out of even being in the top 10 of the race because people think my bumper is a fing substitute for their breaks. If there is anything that makes me wan’t to drop this game entirely and just stick to iRacing, its the idiotic online community I can’t seem to get away from. Never thought I would actually prefer collisions off before this damn game. I find it amazing to think that I had a better racing experience in Horizon than I do here.

Probably best to join one of the racing clubs and compete in private races. You should be able to find them either here in the Racers lounge or on FM6 Racer lounge board. Alot of them have their own websites to schedule race events, rivals, or talk shop just about every day. is one group of fast clean racing. You could try FACR club too.

Thank you, I’ll definitely be checking them out.

Anyone here know how to drive? If you are in multiplayer it is pretty straightforward: Accelerate as fast as possible until you hit someone, turn in the appropriate direction, accelerate as fast as possible until you hit someone, turn in the appropriate direction, repeat as necessary until the race completes.


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Key thing is to do it until the race completes. Not until you win the race. Winning is not the goal.

People in online hoppers SUCKS that why I am always first by 2,000 or over everyone and lapping everyone and a private race is a good idea cause you can meet fast drivers like F4H Diablo and other ForzaRC for league races and that what I do. and I am always fast now and now friends with Diablo, Nightmare, Roadrunner [KINDA] and other racers. That how I learn a lot more to go fast.

^^^^^^^ what he said^^^^ TORA and DELTA online racing have alot of fast, and clean drivers…

Let me start off by stating I am a veteran online sim racer. Raced GPL, GT2, and Gran Turismo. For those that learn how to race sims by racing with the Drivatars??? in Forza 7, its a joke!!! the Drivatars(AI) teach you all the wrong ways about racing. They smash into you in T1. They don’t hold their line. If you overtake them, they will swerve right into you. This is NOT the correct way to learn how to race.

Why not simply turn their agressivity off (i think its called agressivity limiter or somthing so it has to be “on” actually) ?

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That doesn’t fix it. The programming is bunk.

As someone who learned to drive actual race cars on actual tracks, it’s really obvious why online racing in Forza games is so bad. The offline experience supports–necessitates, even–driving like a prick. If you want to win the standard 2-3 lap races they shove down your throat, you have to divebomb the first few turns and use dirty tactics. Your reward for close racing is aggression from the AI. Winning a race holds no real value other than checking off a box. No incentive to follow a guy and find a passing opportunity; just go 4-off through a chicane.