Anyone else annoyed with the McLaren P1 wing?

Being that this is my favorite car in the game it has the biggest annoyance to me and that’s the wing. The P1 has a race mode which makes the wing go up. However it’d be nice if it’s at a complete stop the thing should at least come down such as the Bugatti. The thing looks sexy as hell with it lowered too. Putting the McLaren P1 into Race Mode - YouTube


I have no problems with it, cool car


You people are so picky !! How do you even notice these things ? enjoy the game I’m to busy playing to notice.


How do people notice it? Cause they’re busy playing just like you. The more you play the more stuff pops out. Especially on a specific car you like to use that you tend to know a little about. If you’re busy playing then you’d notice little things after awhile. Such as the steering wheel only being turned half a turn in either direction. Sure it’s not a game breaker. The game is amazing. Just little things stand out here and there.


Some cars in these games have 1 “setup”. There are indeed real life cars that have 2 different keys, multiple setups from the cockpit and what not. Not all these things can be replicated in a game.

Other examples: the on-wheel controls for almost ANY car out there, the car-computer & settings for a lot of cars out there. More specific: the Hellcat and Bugatti always have seperate keys/modes that are not replicated in game.


Attention to detail

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The details in this game are close enough for me

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It went all the way down in Forza 5 didn’t it?

I don’t know what you mean about the wing going all the way down? On my McLaren P1 the wing is down, and it only goes up once I reach a high enough speed. Once I drop below this speed - or stop - it goes back down.

It works in the 360 version just not on the One, considering they’ve ported it from Fm5 im surprised they didnt fix it, but loads of cars have bugs so not getting my hopes up for a fix

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Having the wing always up is not as annoying as seeing a botched/distorted wing sticking halfway out of the car when you install the forza wing. It doesn´t show in photomode or in the garage, but shows when driving around.


Annoyed, but have to live with it. At least it flattens out at speed!

xp3 galag by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr


Has anyone else noticed that the wing on the P1 never goes down when at a stand still?

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^ That’s what the thread is about.

It’s because the cars in race mode and the wing always stays up and the car is lower

Take your tune off the car, basically make it stock again and it will work properly

That wont fix it. Its a game thing, someones stated that its the setup the car was modelled after, so it’ll stay risen whatever you do.

and @cowpat this is how it should be when stationary.

Depends entirely on the mode the car is started it, the wing remains somewhat risen when started in race mode and I’m fairly certain that’s the mode T10/Playground had the car in when modelling

Yeah that’s probably it lol, although when you first see the cars on the boat you see the P1 with it fully down (like the pic), still looks great either way :slight_smile: