Anybody have any idea what the delay is on support tickets? Have something a little more urgent

Title says it all, anybody have any idea?

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In short, in my experience, it’s horrible.

I had 2 tickets, 1 solved 1 still active.

The average wait time for a response for me was 3 weeks. 3 weeks for a simple response. I bet if you post about your ticket here on the forums, or tweet @ someone you might decrease that, I didn’t do any of those, I feel like a AAA game that is branded and sold as Games As A SERVICE should really provide more SERVICE.


Yeah that what i was afraid of. I’m doing them a solid too! Oh well, now we wait!

From the ticketnumbers I had on my tickets, I think they get ~4000+ tickets a month
I had to wait ~4 weeks for answer on my tickets.

Imho this is ok for that amount on tickets they get.

Unfortunately there is a delay in ticket response due to the traffic of tickets which we are receiving.

I know the support team are trying to reduce this response time.

We appreciate your patience.

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The problems extend well beyond response time, the answers we do eventually get are totally useless. “I am looking into this for you” with nothing ever coming from it, “are you still having this problem” when there has been no updates and it’s not something that could possibly resolve itself, etc.

You guys are aware of a new Goliath Glitch right? Online social at has died because everyone is now doing that instead! Get it patched ASAP.

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Exploits should not be discussed on the forum, but yes we are aware and fixing it.

I personally deal with the suggestions & feedback (e.g wishlist) tickets and I’m quite up-to-date so hopefully you should get a response from me within 48hours.

Probably part of the delay is people using the support ticket system for their wishlists

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On topic of support ticket delays, is one for me that is getting frustrating. How does one go about verifying or ensuring it wasnt lost in shipping so to speak?

Reason is that I still have the well over a month old ticket where i have the car received from routecomp1 still locked because “DLC required” for an autoshow car. So it has been in limbo in my mail for over two months and not being able to receive my prize from contest three months ago?

Write a thread within the Support Forum and include your ticket number and the issue so that the support team can look into it and check that it hasn’t been lost.

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sumit a ticket is a waste of time

I’ve just submitted two more tickets to support as it’s nothing the forum will help with.
So that’s more delay for anyone else submitting a ticket!
Haven’t even had a reply to the first one yet, not even an autoreply!

Anyone else have a feeling the ticket system is backed up with screen caps of Goliath glitch invites?