Any plans to release rain/night for more tracks?

Feel a little dissapointed tbh, the game has been advertised as having rain/night racing for the first time in the series, and the addition was advertised as being one of the main features new to forza 6, yet out of the 26 locations, 17 do not have either rain or night racing. Of the 9 remaining locations 2 only have night and no rain option, so only 7 tracks have rain.

Now im sure the forza community wouldnt care in the slightest if it wasnt raining at these tracks when you visited and you couldnt get the puddles exactly where they sit in real life, just having the option is the most important part, surely you could’ve created a rain version yourselves?

(Appologies if this has been answered, i did do a search before posting)

Free tracks or track conditions would keep the game alive for months online, like it did with FM5.

I just think 7 tracks with rain is poor, they should think about adding a rain option to these before listening to track requests

No but you can post in Forza Motorsport 6 Features Wish List