Rain/Night Redundancy

In observation of multiplayer lobby hoppers, over the past month, I’ve begun to notice an absurd trend. A trend that needs community attention, and developer modulation: The overabundance of wet/rain surface and night racing, juxtaposed to that of a dry, daylight setting.

I can appreciate the level to which the developers have gone, to implement these elements, and let the record be clear; most, including self, are happy to see these evolutions take shape. With that said: These environments are popping up FAR too often, in hoppers. How do I know this is beyond my personal subjective opinion? Because, as I stated, I’ve been in observation of the voting trend, over the past month.

Quite often the ‘vote for next track’ includes rain on one option, with night on the other. The votes heavily, almost always, sway to ‘random’ during this occurrence.

We appreciate your inclusion of the elements, Turn 10, but please get a handle on the ratio of their occurrence. Let’s try something more realistic, since we’re after a somewhat realistic flow, yes? Perhaps an 80/10/10 (dry/wet/night) would make us actually appreciate the work done, in giving us these alternative environments.

Much appreciated,
GT: Sam Shortsocks | xbone

I don’t think they get voted against because they pop up too often, in FM6 they came up much less frequently but still got voted against. I think it’s more that a lot of people just run away from whatever challenges them. Nurburgring also gets voted against a lot, regardless of the conditions.

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