Any plans for downloadable new tracks?

granted I’m way impressed with the 450 cars… huge step over forza 5… just curious if there are plans for tracks? hoping to see a lot of the forza 4 cars return. Between forza 4 has to be my all time favorite… horizon 2 was fun, but bring on 6 and the CARS!! :slight_smile:

There are wishlist threads already but I’m sure plenty of us would love to see most if not all previous cars return.

As to them adding more tracks after release, they have rarely given away any hint of future track DLC plans before release. It’s certainly possible, and based on past examples it seems likely that they might release more tracks later, but there’s no guarantee that they will or that they’ll be free if they do.

I’m not sure if there will be any plans for new tracks.

I think Long Beach, Road America and Nurburgring weren’t meant to be DLC originally for Forza 5 and that they were simply planned content that wasn’t able to be completed in time for release so they decided to release them as timed release DLC.

That said I wouldn’t mind another non U.S. track in the game. The fact that there are heaps of Japanese cars in the game, but no Japanese track is a little disappointing. But I’ll stop talking, before this turns into a wishlist. Cough Tsukuba! Cough.

They should do what Activision are doing with the new Guitar Hero and make Forza a platform rather than a bi yearly release. Just have one Forza constantly evolving - no need for restarts every two years.

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no no no no no.

Activision is horrible, they have trashed what Destiny was bound to be… and to avoid a rant the size of Jupiter, I will end my reply here.


wishlist is here

I miss Mugello ad other classic Forza tracks myself

Now that they have the V8 Supercars license i would like to see more tracks from Australia as they have some awesome tracks out there

Considering they’ve added 10 locations to the game without losing any others, I can’t really see downloadable tracks happening.

Would be nice, though.