Any chance of FM6 handling like FH2?

I LOVE horizon and everything in it, but nothing more than the handling and playability of it. In FM5 I couldn’t take a curve faster than 50 mph. I appreciate SIM racers, but c’mon, that’s ridiculous. I would love to have FM6, but I fear I will have to wait for FH3.

FH2 and FM6 will be vastly different when it comes to handling physics. FH2 is dialed back a bit and allows for a more casual experience. FM6 is a track based racer with more precise physics. It’s been that way ever since the first Horizon came out. If FM6 handled like FH2, then it wouldn’t be a Motorsport title.


That’s what I thought, eh well…I’ll wait for Horizon 3.

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I needs to be a lot different than FH2. Though not as much as FM5.

Not a snowflake’s chance in Hell, bruh.

It’s half the point of the series being separate, y’see. It’s part of the “vibe” of each.

Motorsport: Fireproof race suits. Full face helmet, stopwatch. The smell of high-octane race fuel and rubber. Striving for a perfect line, thinking 3 turns ahead as you plan your pass. The Stig. Joel Schumaker. Lauda.

Horizon: The Open Road. One hand on the wheel, the other on the shifter or hanging out the window. Perhaps a cigarette dangling from the corner of your mouth, to flick at your rival as you scamper past on the unpaved shoulder. Music blasting. Richard Hammond. Bo & Luke Duke. Dom.

I enjoy them both immensely, though TBH I’m an order of magnitude faster in Horizon.