The physics

Hard to tell - but have the physics gotten even more ‘non-serious’ in H3?

I understand the game’s theme and setting, but does it really have to lean this heavily towards arcade? Lambos and such drifting on the beach? Hmm…

Observed cars taking big air and landing with the suspension hardly oscillating once only. I know it’s a far cry, but will PG ever consider making the game more realistic according to how you drive? I.e. consequences of bad driving and such.

Anyhow, great game. Looking forward to owning it as had immense fun with H2.

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I think the arcadish feel isn’t bad. What is worse for me is, that for fast times AWD is faster than RWD in FH2.

Also, I’d prefer if tyres did their job the way they are supposed to do. Sporty Tyres/Semi Slicks should suck on offroad and offroad tyres should dominate…not like in FH2 where semi slicks are faster…
Btw, I dont think that a Lambo drifting on the beach is a bad thing, unless it’s properly tuned towards offroading ( like those RGT Group rally cars).

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I think Horizon is carving out an interesting niche. I’d say it’s become sort of a deep arcade game. You can really get in depth with upgrades and tuning set-ups if you want to. But it’s also providing the kind of fun I always imagined as a kid, being able to drive off the main course and go into the countryside, doing things you’d never risk with a real car.

It would be cool to have a very realistic damage mode you could switch on or off. Like, you might immediately get the car completely stuck at the beach or break an axle from landing a big jump. Then you’d have to pay for repairs. As long as you could easily switch it back to the more arcade mode.


Horizon 3 was designed to be a fun relaxed game with arcadey physics to actually enjoy it
(imagine off roading with FM6 physics, that certainly wouldnt be fun, bottoming out everywhere in your favourite sports car!)


I just hope that you dont end up rolling 50 times when you roll at 5mph like FH2 does, annoying.

Lol yes but looking at the gameplay the suspension seems to be more realistic in this game then fh2 and I’m assuming some of the physics improvements in f6 will carry over to fh3

I’d like to see more realistic options with varying degrees of surface grip, that’s probably not going to happen though. I just hope there is more understeer this time around. Assists are there for a reason, I’d you don’t like slowing down for a corner don’t turn them off!

A little more understeer would be welcome. I feel like they have added 100% more downforce to every car compared to the motorsport series whilst keeping the top speed. I think the surface grip will change a little from FH2. Ford’s 6 did this very well but horizon is an arcade so it will probably be toned down. I would like to see the rain becoming more of a challenge from FH2 and also the offroading I’d like to be a bit more authentic. I know it’s an arcade racer but I’d like just a slight bit more realism.

As much as I enjoy FM you cannot beat just having a blast on FH and looking at the varied surfaces on offer this will increase in FH3.

I’ve always enjoyed the sheer fun factor of FH and am glad it’s got a more arcade feel to it. It’s great to have a variation in the Forza games.

Apparently they have altered physics on certain types of cars for FH3 so for example driving a Ferrari across a field or up a sand dune will be slower than in a buggy.

It would still be weird if that Buggy was faster on Semi Slicks rather than offroad tyres on a field or gravel road.

And btw they said these types cars are faster because of their suspension travel and stuff like that. But thats something you were able to do on a race or an offroad suspension in normal cars as well in FH2, making them suspensionwise competent for offroad. It’s the tyres that need to make the difference.

They said that they’ve put a lot of time into the tyre physics this time round so off road tires should be a lot faster then semi slicks, well hopefully anyway.

FH2 was based loosely on the physics engine of FM5, so it can be expected that there will be improvements in the handling model over FH2 that’s sure to deliver some exhilarating driving over multiple terrain types and with boosted fun factor !!! Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves judging what the handling model will be like from the video. If FH2 is amazing, FH3 will be even more amazing splashing through puddles and all !!!

Personally I’d enjoy it more if it was more of a sim.

So would I and looking at the physics compared too Horizon 2 it looks more sim like however compared too forza 6 it still looks quite a bit hard. I’ve watched a lot of videos and almost everyone I’ve heard from days FH3 seems a little harder than FH2 so that’s a good thing.

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Youtube: FH3 vs FH2 Sim Steering E32016. Simulation Steering does seem to be more realistic. FH2 was a little too easy to drive.

Yes, I hope there are consequences to bad driving and that the brakes aren’t super-gluey this time around!

I hope they’re more like FH2 as on FM6 I’ve noticed the cars just look slow and feel slow too, like even the One:1 going 250 through the finish line you can get a good look at it. On FH2 the wind makes the cars seem they’re actually going super fast, and when you pass the line it’s like a 0.5 second glimpse of cars speeding through like bullets

As long as they don’t use FM6 for the speed, I’m happy. I love the wind and blurry effect on FH2 but it’s not just the effect. Finish a race on the game and even if you’re going 100mph you’ll notice it flies past the camera, then go on FM6 and it looks like it’s moving at 30mph

Hi guys. Will the cars be like FM6 where 200mph looks incredibly slow or will it be like FH2 where it has the wind and blurry effect.

Another example is when you finish a race on FM6 and go through the line at top speed and it looks after like you’re cruising at 60mph in real life.

On FH2 the finish line shows the car for a split second zooming past like a bullet. I hope FH3 will use it’s prequel’s physics, I can’t stand how slow the cars feel on FM6 lol but the cockpit view is more detailed so that’s nice :confused:

Forza Horizon 2 basically copy pasted the car physics of FM5, but tires have much more grip, maybe downforce is higher, too and it’s generally smoother to drive.
But how will FH3 be? Regarding the demo gameplay, it seems to be similar to FH2, but using modified FM6 physics.

Maybe somebody here had the chance to play the game at E3 and can tell me (or us).

It looks like it will be more realistic than Horizon 2, with similarities to Forza 6. The various YouTube videos where a Centenario goes off-road show it struggling much more than it would in Horizon 2.