[ANSWERED] Tunes not loading in Test Drive [XBOX]

The issue: I can’t change tune setups whilst in Test Drive. So far this is happening on any track and with any car. I can change tune settings and save as many times as I want, but when I use LOAD SETUP to load a saved tune, it doesn’t actually load and the tune settings remain as whatever they were at the time of loading a tune. Exiting Test Drive and loading a setup in the Tuning & Upgrades option within the Free Play menu does the same thing. The tunes are loading because I can exit Free Play, go into Tune in the main menu and the tune settings are what they should be, but the settings just don’t change whilst in Test Drive.

Saved tunes load fine in the Tune menu within Tuning & Upgrades main menu. Tunes also load OK in My Tunes.

I have the Xbox One 500GB, F7 Ultimate, using controller, no other external gadgets.


This happening to me too, hopefully a fix is coming soon.


Same issue - tune will not load in multiplayer


Tunes do not load properly on the PC either, at least not in test drive and/or free play modes. They seem to load fine from the main menu but that is the only place I have gotten one to load properly. Not sure what all is messed up in them but the gearing doesn’t load for sure.

I have that problem and when I try to load a tune at the track it doesn’t show the adjusted values. I usually just go back to the main menu and work on my car from there

THis may be related.

Bump bump.

The tuning process is definitely broken. We shouldn’t have to go back to the main menu tuning section to load, change or adjust tunes when the awesome feature of doing during test drive is available.

Hey guys,

Thanks for letting me know. I am getting this info over to the devs and will let you know when I have more information.



I will return to Forza 7 when the issue is corrected.

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Thanks, now it works :slight_smile:

Ditto, there is so much wrong with this game and this is the nail in the coffin. Cannot race on stock set up and be competitive!

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My work around is in Free Play only apply the tune until your car is tuned then leave the game and save your tune in the main screen. When playing online I make sure my tunes are loaded prior to entering the lobby. Sucks but works

Same here. Loading a tune from race set-up only resets to default tune. Further, I had one try where I had a few tunes downloaded and one of my own. Loaded a dl tune:stock set-up. Next loaded my tune:showed the dl tune.

Don’t think the top tuners want their set-up to be viewable, let alone editable to be renamed and reshared.

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Cannot even load one of my own tunes to a car I just purchased.