FM7 Not Loading Saved Setups or Tunes while on track

I noticed last night while in Trophy Trucks (Ranger) that after I was done test driving and tuning, saved the tune, then went to race. The truck felt different during the race. After the race I double checked and it never loaded the tune. Today I double checked ten times on two different setups and again it doesn’t load the tuner settings. Game acts like it is but settings stay the same. This was on Prague, Maple Valley and I used multiple camera settings. To double check I did this on multiple tracks while under test drive, tuning, then would load a tune, but settings will not load.

To see if it was game wide, went to garage and under cars, tuning, I loaded both saved tunes and the game DID load the saved settings then. It appears the glitch is when you are in a race series, on the track testing and try and load a tune?

Edit: I went on Maple Valley again further tweaked a tune, saved it under new name, left the free play, to garage, loaded that tune and none of the settings were present. So am I correct as of now the game is not saving tune settings correctly and / or loading tunes correctly?

Just had the same issue tuning a Juke for Silverstone and Daytona. Went through two hours of test driving and tweaking the setup only to have all my work vanish like a fart in the wind.

Okay multiple car but most recently the 47 formula e, i will load the setup but it will not take. A few times it took another tune for same car even though i was loading a different one. It does it constantly now and ive heard other complaining about this with other cars… so i made the 2nd place tune for daytona in this car and i and i know the setup well, rims are different than grip tune… i load daytona tune and the grip tune is there. I load the grip tune and goes to stock. I reset to default and the damn daytona tune loads… what gives. I finnaly got it to load by trying over and over. I have lost quite a few races due this bug and it is very annoying. Im about ready to call microsoft for my 100 back… this game is beyong broken. Also cant make any credits. I work for a living and dont have 500 hours to play it. I will not buy tokens either to accomidate for turn 10s poor dicision making.

Ive even had it liad the wrong tune. I go to load my daytona tune fast no downforce and i will check the numbers and it will be a grip tune i created and saved. Game is burnt dude. This presents a huge problem for online racing for sure.

Ingnored on latest patch, i guess vinals are more important than setups.

i just bought a 370z. put a v8 into it, set it all up and then decided to put an RB into it. i saved the setup before doing the motor swap (thinking i could load it later) played with the RB for a bit and now want the v8 setup back. but oh guess what. the setup wont load.

i havent played this game very much in the last month hoping they would have fixed most of the bugs. but guess turn 10 just doesnt give a crap. this will be the last forza i buy. would love to be able to talk to someone from turn 10 but that seems to be impossible. if someone from turn 10 is reading this send me a PM.

Bump because issue of corrupted tune files still exist and doesn’t seem to be any workaround anymore.


Still having a similar issue. Yesterday times were working alright. Today they’re not - I make a tune for a car and save it and it appears with all the triangles and never lets me load it or share it.

Now here’s the real kicker guys. I had a previous time on this car from a buddy and he had a supercharger aspiration conversion on it. For a game well over ten years in the making with documentation on this glitch for the entirety of the Xbox One life cycle you would think Turn10 would actually do something about it.

It’s great that there’s all these cars on the game, and new tracks, and new spectate options but when game breaking glitches like this survive all that stuff doesn’t matter. It matters even less when you put a lock on so many cars and make them exclusive or one per person only effectively making this car unusable for me unless I want this other guys time on it for ever.

Please get your act together Turn10 and fix this. It can’t be too difficult. If it is then your game is truly broken.

Edit: I am attempting to do a build and tune with the supercharger upgrade as well. But no tune I make saves for this vehicle and sadly I can’t buy more because “you already own this exclusive vehicle”…

Combine this with “remove car” being your only option and getting no money for it. It’s a real pain.