[ANSWERED] How to get a car back

hi guys,
i’m upset while i’m writing this cause when i was putting a Ferrari F40 C in the auction house, i accidentally put the new Mercedes Gt 63 S too (because i was thinking that i was selecting the car to drive it) and a user didn’t give me the chance to retire it of the auction house. I would like to know if it is possible to win it back. I know that miracles don’t exist but i don’t want to create another account or wait to have it again. Thank you so much for listening to me. Be safe!


You would only get it back from winning one in an auction or wait for it to become available again
Once sold it’s sold…
You cant accidentally put a car up for auction …there’s at least 2 button presses…and a confirm screen
Unless you just button mash

Not only that, but the menu specifically says ‘Auction Car’ and ‘Get in car.’ Unless you just aren’t paying attention, it is almost impossible to accidentally auction a car.

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